And So It Begins. . . a sort of introduction.

Hi! My name is Kaycee.  .

I’ve been hooping now for about 3 years.  I don’t have some great story as to how I got into hooping.  Nothing religious or spiritual, or life altering that thrusted me into the sphere of hoopdom.  I had been learning to how to spin poi, watching youtube videos and came across a video of a girl hooping it up with some mad skill.  I thought to myself “I want to do that!”  What can I say?  I thought it looked hot.

Ok not really. . . The people I saw in these videos were extensions of what I wanted from myself.  They seemed so in tuned, so focused, yet unaware, caught up in a moment and being in touch with everything all at once.  That and it just seemed like there was more movement involved with the hoop. . . .I could move more freely around than I could with the poi.  All I had to watch for was I didn’t get my shoelaces tangled.

I never imagined what a big impact hooping would have on me .  It changed my life.  It opened me up, It brought me closer to people and helped me feel not only grounded . . . but connected.

The main reason I started this blog was because I have been feeling out of sorts with the whole hooping scene in general.  Let’s face it . . . it’s blowing up.  Big.  And while it’s not necessarily a bad thing, I do have issues with things that I love and have found strength in, in becoming “fads” (which I feel this whole hula hooping has become.)  Seems you can’t go anywhere with out seeing someone with a hoop.  And while I encourage empowerment through hooping, I don’t advocate hooping to look “cool” or to appear “different”

But just because you have a hoop, doesn’t mean you have flow . . . and lately. . I have lost my flow.  I’ve let petty insecurities and peeves affect my ability to see what hooping really means to me . . . what it has done for me, and how it can do that for me again. 

I don’t want the gimmicks.  I don’t need anything fancy (though a LED Atomic hoop from Astral Hoops would be fuckin’ wicked.) I just want to feel connected again.

And if there was ever one thing I got from hooping it’s that.

So I felt that it was time I embarked upon a personal hooping journey. Alone.  Sort of.

I was meeting up with a group once a week to jam, but lately, because of this explosion of hoopness, I feel that there was a certain authenticity that has been lost.  While I love this group fiercely and dearly, I’ve been finding myself not able to immerse myself in the experience.  As I stated above, I’ve got some issues, who doesn’t?

But I am hoping that this journey will help me let go of those issues. 


I want to keep track of my progress and while I’m at it, if need be, verbally vomit out all the stupid shit that keeps bubbling up. . . and vomit it out for good.

I want to immerse myself in the goodness that hooping is.  Not the big names.  Not the tricks, not the I know so and so and I have hung out with so and so, and I don’t need to be lighting on fire all the time.

I want to be inspired again.  I want to feel lifted.  I want to feel that connection.  I want to learn new things and have new experiences

So off we go!  Or I go.  Which ever.


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