Last Ditched Effort. Pppbbblllt!

I was hoping to scope out a few new hoop spots for the summer, for my own personal reflection and solo time, but I figured I would probably dedicate myself to at least one more night of “rehearsing” for this “variety show” that I was a part of.

I don’t want to get onto the whole back story on this, but I will say that this time around, I don’t really give a poo about polishing my acts.  

All of the performers, with the exception of myself are Burlesque dancers . . . and then there is me.  And my hoop.


They do these shows once a month at a local bar, and turn out has been pretty good.  I don’t want to toot my horn or anything, but I think the crowds dig me.

However, I don’t think the other performers realize how much more time, effort and practice goes into my routines.  These gals just shimmy back n’ forth across the stage losing articles of clothing.  I too, have to lose articles of clothing, but I also have to hoop and keep the hoop from falling.  Not only that, but you know, I got to make it entertaining and mix shit up.  I can’t do vortexes the whole time I am up there.

I spent the whole month of June pulling my hair out trying to come up with something fun and entertaining for their theme show “Saints and Sinners”.  I mean I had really worked myself up. Being the somewhat perfectionist when it comes to performing, I was working myself into a tizzy.  I truly exhausted myself on the whole idea of performing Hoop Burlesque.  By the time the show rolled around, I was done.  I didn’t want anything to really do with my hoop.  I didn’t want to see it, and I sure as hell didn’t want to touch it.

(i should mention that I was totally not paying attention to my spacing and kept bumping the hoop up againt the back wall. mental reminder for this month.)

So this month, with the Theme being Outlaws and Bandits, I barely put any effort into my numbers.  For the 1st 3 wks I just told myself that I would free hoop.  But then I felt kinda bad about doing just that and figured I should at least make an attempt to choreograph something somewhat snazzy.

Which brings me to today.  The night before the show.  Gonna work on some duck outs and ummm, shit.  I dunno. 

But it usually pulls together in the end.  And then I can relax for awhile, and start focusing on what I really need to focus on.


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