Last night our local flow group hosted an event for Astral Hoops.
Let me just say. . . The Atmoic Hoop. . .Is amazing. You don’t even have to have hoop skill. This hoop will make you look good. 90 different settings. Holy crap. I believe the one I tested out was 36”, which I thought would be too small, but it felt great. The weight was good and the grip was nice too. Normally I don’t like an “untapped” hoop. . . But they sanded down the inside real nice.

I want one, however, the price tag is a bit much. So maybe one day.

(bad assness!)

I got some good moments of flow the other night as well. I think it all has to do with declaring my ballet shoes as my new “flow soles”. I’m glad I pulled those suckers out. I get good traction. As silly as that is. But hey, whatever helps I suppose.

When I rolled up to the park, I was met with a serious case of anxiety and just wanted to drive back home. I’m just not digging the new breed that is coming in. . . and I try to be nice. I smile. I am friendly. I make small talk. Bllleeeech. I hate small talk.

Anyways, after about being there for a half hour I finally got into a good zone and hooped that shit up. It wasn’t so much that I was doing anything in particular, just feeling the flow of the music and dancing with my hoop. It was good.

That’s all I got.


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