Burlesque Bow

Saw this the other day and thought it super cute.  Not that I am doing Burlesque these days, but just in case the opportunity ever arises again.

On another note, I came into a small bit of monies from my old car being junked.  I am wanting to get myself a little something fun, so I was thinking about a new LED hoop.  I have one that is in the process of being made, but i think i would like one with lights that actually change colors and what not.  I think today I’ll look into some.  I was thinking of going with the Prism hoop from Mood Hoops. . . but the only draw back there is that someone else from jam has one.  But it’s so pretty.


I was also thinking about just stashing it for my Burning Man fund.  I really want to go this year, and strangely enough, my W2 came early.  Hopefully I can get my return back in time for registration for the 3rd tier of tickets.  Right now, BM is such a touch and go subject with me.  It carries a lot of anxiety.  The planning, the actual going… Dealing with telling the BF that I am going if I go and if we are still together then.  Blech.

Maybe I will just stick with getting a new hoop.  If Bm is meant to be, it will be.  And I will deal with it then.

Besides I could always put it towards an atomic hoop. . .:P


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