Fun Bags and Snow Flow Get up

Tomorrow will mark a month long “exhibit” of my Fun Bags at a popular local restaurant.

I should point out that my Fun Bags are actually little bags that I make. I probably started making them about 3 or 4 years ago?  and would only gift them or sell one to a friend here and there.

Now a whole bunch will be on display and for sale!  woo woo! I am quite excited, and also very nervous. I hope that people will like them, and even more so, I hope that some get bought up. (and that they actually Hold up.)

I maybe took one sewing class my whole life and make the rest up as I sew.
I’ve been using my funbag for over a year now, and while it looks a little beat up (cause i beat the crap out of my bags.  Literally.  I’ll punch that bitch.  Just kidding.) it’s holding up rather well.  soooooo. . . .fingers crossed I sell many a fun bags that can go towards an atomic hoop.


Bad ass!

On another note, trying to narrow down my Snow Flow “Formal” attire.  I have a lightening bug costume that I wore one Halloween which i am considering.  I sewed in electroluminescent wiring to the underneath for a, err, lighting bug? effect.  It’s a really cute dress (sewed it myself!  well with some help.) and I really don’t have anywhere else to wear it (except another Halloween.) and I am thinking that could be a good time to bust it out


(ignore the viking. . he’s an ass.)

(back of dress.  you can’t see very well, but the bottom of the green tulle lights up.)

The other option I have is a little less wacky and waaaaay simpler.  I wore this costume for one of the very 1st Hoop Burlesque numbers i did.  I love this skirt.  It’s got great movement and it’s just fun.

Not sure if I would do the purple wig. . . though it would be waaay easier to deal with than my actual hair.

However, now that my hair is longer I can do more stuff with it, such as curl it and what not. . .and i have lots of cute feathery/flowery head bands I could wear.

So those are my choices.  Right now I think I am leaning towards the last one.  I’m thinking it will probably be easier to hoop and move around in.

The end.


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