Things we Learned During Snow Flow 2012

Because I love to make lists, and i wanted to include this in the last blog, I felt I would just give this it’s own.


– We apparently look like the type of girls who like to drink Bud Light that tastes like Zima.

– If you’re friend starts convulsing and foaming at the mouth. . .check her tampon.

– To help ease the anxiety of driving over the bridge that leads from Cincinnati to Kentucky, It is best to sing Hello Dolly.  (with harmony)

– You don’t have to change your clothes to go to the BP in Kentucky.

– Keeping it Rigid, is a man’s job.

– Circus Hurts.

– It is never too early in the A.M. to Boom Shock-a-locka.

– Ahhhh Do the shuffle!, will bring up many search results, but not the one you are looking for.

*should note here that we figured out that I was talking about the Cleveland Shuffle.*

– We now know what to do with the Little Piggy who ate roast beef.

– Fire in your face, is still scary.

– When they tell you they are closing down the buffet, you grab 3 plates and eat with much vigor.

– People are very particular about their cola’s.

– If you poop twice in 1 weekend while away from home, you are a show off.

– Sometimes, Dorito burps smell like farts.

– Give us a Serger and we can make anything!  (or we think we can!)



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. gabrj
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 23:17:23

    This seriously made my day! LOL Especially the bit about singing Hello Dolly over the bridge!


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