Stepping out

I have been trying to work on pulling one leg out and hooping around one leg.  I can get my leg out and go a couple of revolutions around my one leg, but then either the hoop falls or I can’t get my leg back in,  or i get it back in. . . and the hoop falls.

I really wanna work on this and incorporate it into my next act.


I found this tutorial which sort of shows how to just step outside of the hoop using your hand.  I figure this might be an easier start. I also dig the turn version. 


Something I think I am going to work on this summer is the kick up. I started with this last summer, but the amount of pain that my heel was in from kicking the hoop back was more than I cared to work through.  I don’t know if I was doing it wrong, but ultimately I got to a point where I was like F this.

But I don’t like to give up. 

I think its gonna be all about the legs.

My legs are soooo gonna love me!


The end.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. caturn11
    Mar 16, 2012 @ 06:25:13

    This took me months to get down! I still struggle keeping it up after putting my leg back in, but what really helped me was building up the muscles in my ankles so I could stand very steady on one leg and still have enough balance to bounce me knee. I would practice just balancing on one leg in various positions without my hoop, and also practiced just standing and and lifting myself up on my tiptoes really slowly using only my ankle muscles and slowly lowering back down. It really helps build those muscles. For getting the foot back in, it was all about timing, i would watch the path the hoop was making and repeat ‘go’ when the hoop was where i needed to put my foot back it. Sometimes you have to pop it up a little with you foot before sticking your whole leg back in…. Sometimes talking about hooping makes less sense then you hope, but this is what works for me, stick with it, its a really fun move and gives you a lot of options– hope it helps!


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