Ugh Ugh and Ugh

So tomorrow is the show and I have NO idea of what to do as far as a routine.  Its like i have hooper’s block.  I feel bored with everything that I am doing.

Bored and Lost.

I keep trying to tell myself that just because I am bored, does not mean that it may not “wow” the audience. . . so put some pep in it damn it!

And of course the timing is all off.

I did though, find a very cute outfit to wear and a large pair of white panties, which I think looks hilarious.  My boyfriend on the other hand does not concur and stated that they were very un-sexy.

But that is the silliness of it.  I start out looking all vixen-y.  I want to give the impression that there is some good stuff underneath my corset top and fluffy skirt.  Then WHAM!  That sexy girl has got on the biggest drawers you’ve ever seen!  What is up with that??

I mean the fact that I am doing it to Joan Jett’s Do You Wanna Touch, kind of adds to the irony.  I mean, would you wanna touch a big ol’ pair of panties?

Mmmm. . .Maybe.  :p


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