Where I’m At.

I haven’t done much hooping.  (surprise surprise.) though I did bust  out my hoop one day last weekend?  Two weekends ago?  and had a good jam session to the Isley Brother’s “Footsteps in the Dark.”

I’m a bit obsessed with that song.  I feel it, and can dig it on a personal level.  Truth be told, at times I still feel like my boyfriend is being a schmuck.  But you know, it kind of makes me a schmuck for putting up with his schmuck-ness, right?  But those are MY feelings and I am owning them.  So take that for whatever it’s worth I suppose.

Even so, life has been quite busy busy busy, yet at the same time boring boring boring.  I had a birthday last month.  (yeah me!) and it was pretty good. . . although i was a bit disappointed that I did not receive any flow toys (like a new LED hoop that I so hinted about.  😛 ) However I DID get a new monkey light for my bike, and i guess technically you could count that as “flow” related. . . to some degree. . .maybe.


Our local jams are back outside, situated every Thursday right on the Lake.  I think I attempted one, and it was so buggy that I lost interest and joined up with a LARP group that was wielding foam swords and shields.  Just for the record, that is some uber nerdery if I ever came across some.


I’ve also been having an ongoing medical issue, that seems to have no explanation.  I have been pissing blood now for about the past 5 months.  So far we have ruled out any type of infection and kidney stones.  I’ve had an IVP and a Cat scan, and tomorrow I go for a cystoscopy.  Which sounds like oh so much fun.

(most of all this I have mentioned in another of my blogs, but in case anyone cares to know, not that I have oodles of followers, nor do I really care.)

And lastly I started the long over due process of getting another tattoo.  I am getting Ganesh on my side, and let me just tell you. . . This bitch hurts like a motherfucker.  I don’t know what I was thinking (other than it looks kinda sexy in that spot.) I had thought that the shading and coloring wouldn’t hurt as bad as the outline, but I was so wrong.  I have two more sessions to go before it’s completed. 


(The Outline. . . I survived ok.)


(coloring and shading. . . I lost my bearings.)

So there you go.  Not a post really about hooping, but you know, I hoop it up when I feel like it.  And that’s ok with me.  For now.




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