Positive Flow.

I went to jam last week, and I gotta say, it was probably the best jam I have been to all year.  Then again, I think I have only gone to one other jam this year and left cause it was buggy and I didn’t know a single face there.


However, my mood for the night was actually a good one.  I felt very “open” and “receptive” to whatever. . . I was my usual fun self, which was a nice change from the standoffish closed scrutinizing person I have been. ( I don’t like that person.)


The crowd was pretty much all of my old flow peeps, so I am sure that had something to do with it.  There were also a gaggle of younger girls with hoops kind of off to one end of the park, just kind of hanging, so a few of us “oldies” went and introduced ourselves and told them to just come over and flow with us.  The girls seemed a bit hesitant, and pretty much kept to themselves the whole night, but you know, I didn’t give a shit.

I didn’t get caught up in their insecurities and hang ups.

Which is something that I know I have been doing for way too long.  Getting hung up in insecurities and what not.



I got in some good flowness with my hoop, and even picked up the poi for a bit.  Something I haven’t done since I performed my poi number for the Burlesque show. . . loooong ago.  (when was that?  I can’t even remember.)


A friend of mine was trying to teach me some butterfly variations, but it just felt like I was going to whack myself in the face.  I def need to work on my planes, especially my left, because I have all kinds of wonkiness going on.  But I would like to get the Crystal cases for my flow lights.  (which I hardly ever use, because of not having said cases.) I am hoping that once I get off my duff to do so, then it will be a big motivator to poi more.


A friend of mine had also busted out his ninja poi (which we had gotten him for his birthday) and those are pretty bad ass.  I would like me some of those.



However, word on the street now, is that they have poi that can spell out words and pictures and so forth.

I even felt a slight itch to burn.  But due to fire restrictions, it didn’t happen that night and by the time night rolled around I was pretty tired and wanted to get home.

All and all if felt pretty good to be in a good flow state.  There was good peeps, good jams, and just goodness all around.


Yet I think to the key to all that, again, was keeping an open and positive state of mind.   I hate that I have been feeling so bogged down lately, pulled into stupid worries and trying to control everything.

From here on out I am starting to be more positive.  I am looking towards all the things I am grateful for, no matter how insignificant or mundane they may be.  Nothing in life should be taken for granted.





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