Laid Off

I’ve been putting off talking about my whole job situation for quite some time. 

Guess now is the time to delve into it.  The whole purpose of this blog is to help with my “flow”, my state of being and outlook on life if you will, and with recent events circling around this area of life, it has MAJORALLY affected my “Flow”.

(While we are on it, this whole year has done nothing but fuck with my “flow”.  Suck a bag of dicks 2012.)

(oh and this keyboard I am on, sucks dicks as well.  What’s up space bar?)


I worked in Childcare for many many many years.  I loved it.  I did before and after school programs, and was mostly the art “instructor” for various programs.  I was never an artsy person, creatively, however, when I fell into this roll I really blossomed.

But all that is neither here nor there.  In working with in school districts there comes with it a lot of “politics’ and unfortunately the role of playing it safe rather than addressing issues were more important.  It got to the point where I just had to get out. (All of which I am sure will make for another blog)

After being dicked over quite substantially for the final year of my time working for a particular organization, I decided it was time for me to get out and get a “real job.  One that actually was a 9-5, m-f with benefits and that actually paid more than minimum wage.  A “Grown up” gig.

Thus my time began at a local fabric company.  I was sad to leave behind coloring, dodge ball and paper plate crafts.  (I’ve got a ton of them.  If you ever need ideas for paper plate crafts, I’m your gal.)  Not to mention the kids I’ve watched grow up into amazing beings over the years.  (And the not so amazing ones.  Well, that’s not fair. . But I guess you can’t have the glitter without the shit.  I think that was Socrates who said that. 😛 )

Anywho, I spent the last six years working for a Fabric Wholesaler that sold only to the trade as their drapery hardware person.   I can tell you all about traversing rods and bracket projections.  Let me just stress this…I was NOT AN INSTALLER.

Now to the trade meant a lot of dealings with interior decorators, upholsters, drapery installers and the like.  Let me just say that the home interior trade is full of fucking idiots. Seriously.  It baffles me how Interior Decorators go to school, like actually HAVE DEGREES, and they still would ask me questions such as:

What color is clear?

How long is a six foot rod?

What’s the difference between 1-3/8″and 1″?

Why can’t I use a WOOD STAIN on a metal rod?

Why aren’t my screws that will mount the brackets into the wall, not the same color as the rest of my hardware?

It was while working with such a breed that I discovered how much stupidity, is really one of my biggest pet peeves.  But we had mute buttons on the phones, which I used quite often to blurt out an expletive or two . . . or three . . . or four . . . or a whole rant.

However I was very content with this job.  Sure, I dealt with asshole people . . . my boss was at most times an asshole, but I worked with great people and could sit around on the computer all day.  (Incognito that is.) 

Not only that, but I was making decent money, I was able to support myself and my cat…I finally for once in my life has health insurance (shitty as it was). .. I felt grown up.

Over the years, we noticed a decline in business.  Where it was once 30 hardware orders a day, dwindled down to about 20… . Then 15. . .then 8.  Then we saw that we were on credit hold with a bunch of the mills, so people weren’t getting their orders in a timely fashion.  Customers who placed orders Nov of last year, were still waiting for goods that were promised with a 4-6 week lead time.  Then we were placed on hold with the Hardware Companies, which were pretty much the bread and butter of the company.  Customers who had terms were then asked to pay for orders up front.  A lot of unhappy Interior decorators would call day after day to complain and yell about why it was taking so long to get their goods.  We in Customer Service couldn’t say it was because we were having financial problems, so it was lie after lie after lie.  There were so many times too, that we would get caught in the lies.

It was just not good.

There were two attempts to see the company to interested parties, but both deals fell through.  One of which would have secured my job.

A third company came to the rescue and bought us out.  However, they weren’t keeping anyone around permentaly.  It was rumored though, that customer service would be kept around the longest to help with the transition.  So we thought we at least had a little more time.  6 months more.

Considering all that this year has been throwing at me, I was hoping that I could at least buy more time.  I KNEW it would be imminent at some point, but I was really hoping to catch my breath before having to deal with yet another hole in the road.

It was not meant to be.  I was let go last Thursday, citing that the new company coming in wanted only 3 CS people (there were 4 of us) and wanted them to be knowledgeable in both fabric and the hardware. (Which I am.  The other two girls, not so knowledgeable in the hardware end.) So it doesn’t make sense.

When all is said and done, I seriously think all the shit with my kidney had a play in them not wanting to keep me around. 

I KNEW it was coming.  Just didn’t expect it to come when it did. 

It’s a huge blow.  The fact that that I have dealt with so much this year already, I feel like it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  I am super depressed.

I know it could be worse.  I could not have my legs or could be homeless (which who knows, that could happen if I don’t get a job soon.) and I am trying my hardest to not sound too much of a whiney asshole. 

It just sucks,

I don’t know what to do with myself.  I’ve got all kinds of feels happening.  Everything from my ex-husband’s death to this whole kidney bullshit is just surfacing, and I find myself wanting to curl up into a ball and just sleep it all away.

Blaaaah.  anywho, this blog is boring, But there it is. 

The end.


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