I Love Margarita.

I had been trying to keep a mental list of shit I wanted to yap about all week, but I had a magarita tonight (yes, just A magarita) and my whole mental recognition has gone to shit. . . so this post will probably be a bunch of mish mash.

I make no apologies.

Because that Margarita was fucking tasty, and much needed.

I’m not sure where I left off.. . so pardon my redundancy.

I was let go from my job, and the about two weeks later, they called me back offering me my job back.  (Everyone else quit.) 

I accepted after much hemming and hawwing, and it’s been more dealings with dumb ass interior decorators.

But you know, I’ve got bills to pay.  Hence why I went back.

I should also point out that this new company that took over has a very very very strict policy about fucking around on the internets when one is suppose to be working.  So no longer can I sit on my FB all day, or come on to here to blab about whatever it is I feel like blabbing about.  

Or looking up pictures of people with weird deformities and medical anomolies.  

Or waste an hour watching hooping tutorials.

So far I am doing ok.  Though my boss and I already got into it.  She accused me of not being “productive” enough.  Nevermind that I am answering the phones, taking fabric and hardware orders, filling out memo requests and helping to train the other new lady. . . .beacuse I was texting on my phone, my boss had a hissy fit.  It would be one thing if I was doing absolutely nothing and texting all goddamn day. . . but I wasn’t.  I’m working my big butt off.  (though not literally, cause. . .my big butt is still there.  *sigh*  curse you big butt!)

Anyways, I don’t really want to be back there. . . but again, I got this thing called rent, so I have to be there.  At least for now.

Other than that I ain’t got shit going on.  I feel incredibly boring.  And bored.  I don’t even like to get into conversations with people, because I have NOTHING to talk about.  I mean, I guess I could go into how I just finished watching the 1st four seasons of Breaking Bad, but other than that, I have nothing. 

Which is leaving me restless and itching for some sort of adventure. 

Yeah.  That’s all I got. 






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