Overture, Curtain Lights

Tonight is opening night for the show.  Thank flippin God.  That means that I get my weeknights back, and don’t have to drive all over god’s kingdom come.  Not to mention that I will be able to go to bed at a reasonable hour now.  Something I am most excited about!

(*side rant. . . since when did I start giving a shit about getting enough sleep?  How did this sneak up on me?  I used to stay out and up all night.  Sure sure, I’d be dragging my ass to work the next morning, daydreaming of my pillow all day, and just telling myself I would have the weekends to catch up on sleep.  Man.  This whole being a growns up.  wtf?)

(*another side note. . . there is no such thing as “catching up” on sleep.)

Last night we had our final dress rehearsal and I got say, that it went quite well.

The theater had invited a few Senior Citizen homes to come out and be our audience.  So technically, It was our first show.  My director will argue and say no, because he still took notes.

There is that moment for me, when a show starts, and you hear that first reaction from the audience, and it makes all the bullshit you just put up with for the past month, oh so worth it.

Yes I bitched.  Yes I complained.  Yes I sat and sulked and rued the day I ever agreed to do this show, but it was all erased the moment I heard those old timers let out a uproarious laugh.  It was in that moment, I thanked the gods of theater for allowing me to be a part of an ancient art that brings so much enjoyment to others.

The energy mixing from the actors on stage with that of the audience is something that I find incredibly intoxicating and spiritual.

It’s why I do it.
So Break legs tonight!

On another note, I haven’t been posting much about hooping, because, well, I haven’t been hooping.  Maybe briefly when I went up to MI towards the beginning of last month.

However I saw this on Fb today, which caught my eye, and you know, I can’t just pass by flashy glowy things.

The Platonic!!!


(I tried to embed it here, but it won’t work form some reason, and I blog challenged, so click on the shit.)

From what I gather, it is just a prototype, but I gotta say it’s pretty darn cool.  I haven’t done much research on it yet, so I don’t know the price points and how it stacks up next to, say the atomic.

Gonna get back into my hoop mojo ya’ll!

fucking rad!


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