Let’s Get Political!

I am not by any means an overtly political person.  I do though, however, tend to lean towards certain issues that would more so agree with the more liberal side of things.  I’m pro-choice, big supporter in women’s rights, not to keen on religion mixing with my government.  (Not that I am opposed to religion per say, I just don’t think that a lot of Old Testament Broo ha ha needs to be mixed with making laws.  Sorry, but we don’t live in the times of Leviticus anymore.) And while I hate to say this, regardless of who rules the office, I don’t trust the government much anyways.  I don’t feel like either party has anyone’s best interests at heart other than who is slipping them the biggest donation and backing. (That and I am more so convinced to believe that the President is just a puppet for a more larger secret government that is at work.)

Wu Tang bitches. . . C.R.E.A.M.


I kept my mouth shut for most of this past election.  I knew from the get go who I was going to be voting for.  I mean, and with all due respect, I think it’s pretty unrealistic to expect someone to come in and totally clean up the mess of someone else with in a minimal amount of time.  You know, that’s just ME.

It’s not to say I didn’t voice my opinion here and there.  I did.  Mostly though it was just to say the above, and how as a woman, I could never elect someone with the type of mentality that my body was open to national discussion and should be treated as though it was not mine to do with.

(Not my body per se, but the bodies of women nationwide.)

Whether you agree with me or not, I don’t care.  It doesn’t change my opinion.  In fact I sometimes welcome differing opinions.  No matter how absurd I find them to be.  If anything, the challenge of thinking “differently” most often results in me looking at situations from different perspectives and/or affirming my beliefs even more steadfastly.

Which brings me to the point of all this.

I have (had?) been very good friends with someone for quite awhile.  Over the years, his views started to bend towards the more conservative side of things.  A bit annoying, but ok.  They are his beliefs and I considered him a great friend, so I wasn’t going to let that affect my opinion of him.  Sure sure, we didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of issues, but I felt  that our “arguments” if you could even call them that, weren’t blown out word matches were someone was left to feel all pissy about what the other had said.  Normally when I felt like my point wasn’t being recognized, I’d just back off and chalk it up to agree to disagree.  Then again, I wasn’t exactly looking to sway anyone over to my side.

Pretty much what it all sounded like to me.

During the whole election, this friend would post all kinds of stuff about how Obama sucked and Romney was the one. . . (Quite excessively if you ask me) and how Obama was pure “evil” and the root of all our country’s problems. . . blah blah blah.


(more evil than Hitler??)

Which ok?  I’m not claiming Obama to be the best, but again, my opinion, what do you expect someone to do when handed a shit sandwich and told to turn into a 5 course meal?

So he says potato, I say po-tah-to.  Or vice versa.  Ce` la Vie.  No?

I also knew, with what a staunch supporter of the right he was, and how my own beliefs being more towards the left, there was really no point in arguing anything.  Plus I wasn’t here to throw it anyone’s face.  To be quite honest, I wasn’t posting on my FB feed that much political crap that supported my views anyways.  If I stated I was pledging myself to any candidacy, it was Bob Dobbs.


However, this friend was.  Quite a bit.  In fact every damn post of his seemed to be about the election and the impending doom of our nation should Obama be re-elected.

In all fairness though, if anything, I can say that this friend was quite passionate about this election and Romney’s stance.

And well, I like passion.  Be it whatever.  So you know, good for him.  I guess.  Right?

At one point I made it known to him that even though we stood on two separate sides of the fence, that my love and friendship were greater than whatever political opinions we both held.  He would always be a kindred soul and someone I admired in my eyes.

So election times goes and passes.  We see Obama win.  My Republican friend is pretty perturbed over the way things had gone.  I would have hoped that his political rants would lessen a bit.  They did not.  They just kept going and going and going and going.  What was once a retort of his about people bitching about moving to Canada should Romney become elected, was now a statement from him about Obama becoming elected.  He and Texas were packing their bags.

It was all becoming very contradictive.  I don’t like contradictive.

So when he started to bitch about how Obama was playing golf instead of helping the Hurricane Sandy victims, I could not bite my tongue no longer.

Was Bush not on vacation when Katrina hit?  Did he not fuck that whole situation up?  Why was Bush on vacation when a natural disaster hit and his lack of jump to not a problem, but Obama taking a day off to enjoy 18 holes such a big deal?  And really, what do we expect ONE MAN TO DO?


(Reptilian conspiracy. . . Bush is secretly an alien.)

(And really?  Call me ignorant, but isn’t the east coast bouncing back pretty steadily from all that already?)

For me, it was the mentality of, if you see someone in need, and you have the means to help, then help. No need  waiting around for someone else to take the 1st step.

So I pointed all this out.  I pointed out the Bush thing.  I said something along the lines of if you think these people need additional help, then help.

I’m sure my point was lost somewhere in translation.   That or it’s just useless to argue with Republicans who want to make someone the bad guy for every disaster that affects our Nation.  Especially if that person is on the opposing side.  Because somehow my saying of go out and help these people instead of bitching about how people should be helping these people somehow got turned into how Benghazi was a big conspiracy and cover up, how people will now lose their jobs and have to pay more for insurance etc etc. . .

I’m not sure how any of that has anything to do with throwing a few $$ or donating goods to those affected by Sandy.

Oh but how he and his republican cohorts tried to school me on the laziness and inconsiderateness of our current leader.

Frustrated that my message of simple humanitarianism was lost on deaf ears, I simply stated to these people that I felt my point was being lost and that I was wasting my breath.  I wasn’t there to talk about Benghazi or rising insurance costs which will supposedly force employers to have to let go of their workers due to cost. . . I was simply stating to stop bitching and be that help.

After all, wasn’t it Gandhi who said


“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”


I decided it best I leave the conversation on my friend’s page and ignore all further retorts from his conservative friends.  (And likewise, him.)

I was also feeling that if this was the attitude that he was going to take, that I didn’t really want to see anymore of these posts come up in my feed.  So I decided it was time to remove his posts from my feed for awhile.

It wasn’t anything personal towards him.  It didn’t change the way I felt and thought about him as a person.  Sure, I think he was acting like a close minded idiot, but that didn’t mean that I loved him any less.  That I valued our friendship any less.  It’s not like we didn’t have other ways to communicate.  I just felt that if his FB page was going to become a dedication to Right Wing conservative views, then it was probably best I didn’t partake it openly seeing what political dumbness he was spewing out.  (This all is said with love.  Really.  Seriously.)  I didn’t even think that my removal of his posts in my feed would be seen as all that offensive to our friendship, because during the election he had stated that if people didn’t agree with his political views they could either delete him or hide his posts from their feeds.  He still firmly believed what he believed.

So imagine my surprise, when my good friend of almost over a decade, whom I have shared many amazing life moments,  with whom I had cried and laughed with on many occasion, whom I considered to be one of my kindred souls in this life, not only deleted me from his FB page. . . but also BLOCKED ME.



It turns out that he went and deleted anyone that was openly supportive of Obama .

But to block me???

Wow.  Words just fail at the ignorance he just sank to.

It really saddens me that he would do such a thing due to differing opinions.  I thought our friendship was stronger than that.  I mean, if I am to tolerate his views, why is he not held to tolerate mine?  Isn’t that what a good friendship is all about?  That and other stuff? (Like telling me when I look like a dildo head, or if I stink.)

It also makes me sad that he is not willing to keep those around him who DO challenge his thoughts and ideals.  Not so much that he could be persuaded, (Or needs to be.) but for the mere fact of the reaffirmation of why it IS that you believe what you believe. . . and if anything, to see a different perspective, and to be open to different views.  (While not necessarily adopting them as your own.)

I think the above is good for rounding us out as human beings.


I don’t know what else to say about this situation other than it’s stupid.

Politics are stupid.  Face Book is stupid.  Ignorance is stupid.  Boys are stupid.

And if you want to know the real truth to the matter, Our government IS being controlled by a secret government of Reptilian Aliens.  That I DO believe.  More so than the power of special sacred underwear.

It’s all just . . . . . .stupid.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gypsy116
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 21:56:31

    Its so sad. You dont know how many people Ive seen with similar stories, lost friends over the election 😦


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