Moving Right Along?

I’ve been sitting on a matter now for about the past 2 months.  The time has come to either push full steam ahead, or back off.  Yet I am not so sure where I should place my intentions.


I have been so wary of truly putting the majority of my eggs in one basket so to speak, due to past “wants” and “intentions” not going the way I had wanted.  Hence, my whole jaded perspective of just how foolish the belief in the power of attraction is. 


(Which then brings me to these forks of reasoning . . . if you don’t focus fully with full intent, then will it not come true?  Does that not throw out any sensibility to that statement of NOT placing all your eggs in one basket then??  If the sky is the limit, then how is it suffice to say what is reasonable and what is not? Which of course leads down the path of any hint of doubt becomes an immediate hindrance towards obtaining said intention.)


But let us stay focused.


My sister had just moved into an apartment (right around the corner from me) and it’s a pretty sweet pad.  It’s spacious, 2 bedrooms, front and back balcony . . . and all for what I am paying now for my hobbit hole, 1 bedroom attic apartment.


Don’t get me wrong.  I like my little cozy Hobbit hole, er, attic place.  It’s just enough room for me and the cat, there’s good storage. . .and um, that’s about all I can say about it.  I mean, other than me having made it a declaration of  my personality, decorating wise (aka clutter) It’s an ok place.


So where am I going with this?  Well the apartment next to hers has opened up, and it’s pretty much a spitting image of her place.  With the exception that the bathroom is way smaller than hers . . . however after living in my midget bathroom for over and year and some change I can deal.


So we got it in our heads that I should take over the space next door to her.  And be neighbors. 


There are a lot of pros and cons to this arrangement. 


The pros being:

  1. Obviously there would be more space.  And when I think of my cat gallumping up and down the long hallway, it instantly makes me smile.  Not only that, but all the windows he can look out of.  I think he would be so happy there.Image
  2. I would have a normal sized tub.  The bathtub in my place now is a midget bath tub.  Seriously.  It’s like a half tub, and I have to either scrunch all up or throw my legs over the side if I want to “take a bath”


(He’s still fixing up the place. . but look at that tub.  I could fit all of me in it!)  


4.Front and back balconies.  Nuff’ said.

5. Parking lot behind the building

6. No Creepy weirdo neighbors around.  (unless you count the guys my sister brings home.  Ha!  I kid.)

7. No more janky ass fixes for stuff that breaks down in my place.  Meaning, just because the stove you bought off of Craig’s list is new to you . . . it is not new “new”.  Maybe back in 1980 whatever when it was 1st manufactured. 


The cons at the moment are having to move big shit out of my tiny Hobbit cove (like literally taking the kitchen window out and lowering shit down off the roof . . . in the middle of winter.) and the fact that my lease is not up until April.  I sort of told my landlord I had to move due to medical expenses, and he was willing to let me out of my lease a month early as long as I would pay half the rent for the next two months.   He also requested a note from dr’s, which no big deal.  I can get that. 


My landlord now is an ok guy, though we did come to blows here and there.  He’s an old timer pot head, who seems to have a problem remembering what was agreed upon in my lease.  One minute it was ok I had the cat.  Next thing it wasn’t.  (He tried telling me my cat was in heat and too loud.  Which is funny, since my cat is fixed . . . and a MALE) Then he threw a fit because the water bill was what he considered too high.  (he takes care of the water and sewer)  We had agreed when I last renewed the lease to lower my rent $50, but since he was making a big stink about the water bill (all of which I should point out that he has the washing machine and I am maybe home a good 3-4 days out of the week. Plus I have the midget tub compared to his normal size tub . . . so; I truly feel it wasn’t because of me.  I mean EVEYONE’S water bill went up that summer)   I told him that I would just go back to paying the $50 and for him to shut up about it.


I will say that the one truly nice thing about the guy is that he is very patient as to when I pay him my rent.  He will even accept half payments one week and the remainder the following week. 




Truth be told, I already put the security deposit down on the other place, like, 2 months ago.  And new landlord said I could move in the 1st of next year.  Yet with the new pay schedule they have me on with this semi new/old gig, money is tight.


Extremely tight.


I can’t do Christmas this year because of how tightly I am on a budget.  Everything has to go to two rents.  It’s stressing me out and making me feel like perhaps moving somewhere I can stretch my legs out in a tub, and watch my cat go crazy in windows, is not worth it.


I hate worrying about monies.


So I have been sending it out to the universe.  I have been visualizing.  I have been seeking the advice of others.  (All of which say that the new place is sweet and I need to get away from old landlord)


I have even consulted the faeries.  Which I don’t do that often anymore, 

And I am not so sure entirely what the faeries are trying to tell me exactly. . . .






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