Introducing the newest addition to my hoop Family. . . .



She was a “Christmas” gift and Is my very 1st fancy schmancy hoop.

She is a Mood Hoop that consists of Purple strobe lights, and UV green & whites.  She is very very purdy.

I believe she is about 38″ in diam, with 7/8″ diam tubing.  Since I forgot to specify the size I wanted when I asked for her. . . This is what I got.  But I am not complaining.

I mean, just look. . . how could you complain?

And she is purple.  If you don’t know. . .Purple is my favorite color.  And a fruit.

Anyways, she handles very nicely and I can’t wait to really delve in and play.  She will be an excellent motivator for me getting back into hoop shape and performing again.

I have to say that whilst I was not in the “Christmas” spirit this year (and hardly am I ever these days, as the whole concept of “Christmas, just insults my inner pagan) It was a pretty good holiday.


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