New Digs

I finally started the whole moving process over the weekend.  Because I still have a month left at my old place, I felt that I didn’t really need to “rush” and lug all my shit over at once.  I planned a day where I had some friends help move all the big shit, and probably a dozen or so boxes. (and leisurely bring over the rest of my crap i don’t need right away.)

The move actually went really well.  I was feeling quite guilty about the circumstances, due to the fact that the weather a few days beforehand, dipped down into the single digits and began snowing profusely.  Who wants to move heavy shit in that??

My friends however, were more than willing to endure the conditions, and the day actually turned out to be sunny and in the upper 20’s.  So not too bad for a day in late January. :p

I have to admit the crew I had, were most amazing, and my heart just swells thinking about the endurance, dedication and help that was offered on that day.  We actually had a really good time.  I mean, who can say that about moving?  Especially in the middle of winter?  Yet we did.

I think it helped that we took breaks during the runs, (which were only a block and half away from each other) to relax a bit, have some drinks, chit chat and yuck it up.

We had everything I wanted moved that day with in 2-1/2-3 hours.  So not bad at all.

I have been in a state of such gratitude for the souls that I have in my life.  A girlfriend of mine, (whom should have an abundance of good Karma coming her way), gave me all her old living room furniture, which is in incredible shape and quite stylish.  A much needed reprieve from my hand me down Good Will furniture with couch covers thrown over them.

She also gave me a wrought iron bed frame she was no longer using, so now, I don’t have to have my bed on the floor.

I am feeling very “grown” up these days.

The new digs, are way more spacious and roomier than my last place.  I have two bedrooms, with high ceilings and lots of windows.  In fact the kitchen I have now, is probably the same size as my old living room.

I’m still trying to grow accustomed to all the space I have to stretch out in.  When I go to walk from my living room to my bedroom, which is all the way at the end of a very long hall, I always find myself walking into the bathroom instead.  I’m just not used to their being an extra room

So it’s nice.

That and my sister is my neighbor. She literally lives right across the hall.  So double trouble right there.

So it’s all good.  I am feeling quite content.  (Though I am still unpacking and trying to figure out where to put all my shit.  Man I have a lot of shit.)

Anyways, I think though, that I might just take a few days off from everything and just “be”.  I’ve got time for me to get everything in it’s place, (though I just want it to be all done and over with asap) but I can feel my body resisting wanting to do any more “organizing” and to just rest a bit.  I’ve been going at the moving thing for the past week or so, so, I think I shall listen to my body for once and just take these next couple of days and just chill.  I’m just going to sort of “feel” everything out, as to where things should go, and let the new digs guide me in creating some good feng shui.  I feel a lot of positive energy in this place.

I mean, I have a full size tub now.  Can’t get more positivity than that!

I Dig It



Top Model Walk

Quick post, but I have incorporated into getting this move down for the show next month.

It’s simplicity eludes me.  I swear.  I am the most UN-coordinated hooper ever!

But it is super cute.

I’ve taken a class from Caroleena before and I  absolutely loved it. Hoops were flying all over the place and people were mooing and baa-ing and meowing (which is the protocol for when your hoop goes off and bumps into someone else, you don’t say sorry. . . you make an animal noise)  She has a way of breaking it down and making it look so easy. . . like this walk. Which I WILL GET.

Anyways. . .

I’m a work this!

She Rides

I think I have found the song I might want to use for the upcoming “Variety” show.

I think it’s got a good sexy rock feel to it that I can probably hoop and “strip” to.

Normally I try and take a silly approach to these things, but perhaps this time, I will try and focus on my sensual side. . . Which to me is silly, cause I am not entirely sure I have a “sensual” side.

I’m a big goob.

Anyways, I am moving this weekend, and am incredibly anxious about the how the weather will be.  It’s bad enough that I am doing this end of January, but we’ve just had some real nasty cold shit ass weather . . .  only after having a bout of almost spring like days.  *Sigh* Only in Ohio

One Leg Hooping. . . .still trying.

I haven’t found a song yet for a new routine for the up-coming show next month.  It is quite perplexing.  I am just not finding anything that “feels” right and danceable. . . in any regards, so it is looking like Cherry Bomb it is.

I did though, go take a look at some of the other acts involved, and wow!  I gotta say I am really impressed.  Good stuff abound.  Yet at the same time, I, as always, really feel the need to step up my game.

So Maybe not Cherry Bomb.

Anyways, In my ever life long quest in regards to one leg hooping, I found a very good tutorial by Safire, who breaks it down rather simply.  (well in theory, practice is another matter)

I started with Luna, but I think she is just to big for me to get my pusher leg out of the way. (as far as just trying to spin the hoop around the one leg and practice balance and maintaining the spin.)

I will probably try with Ruby, as she is smaller and lighter.

I am reeeeeealy hoping to use Luna in the next show, because, she’s fancy schmancy, and well, when you got a fancy schmancy hoop like that, what really do you need to do, other than hoop it?  But you know, my inner perfectionist performer wants to give out some ability “wow” factor.  After all, it shouldn’t be the hoop that is the dazzler. . . it should be the hooper.

Burlesque Rock N Roll

I’ve noticed that lately, my posts have totally not been about hooping.  I know that when I started this thing, my goal was to keep a “hooping” journal so to speak, and keep it strictly about hooping and flow related activities.  As I have gone along though, I have come to see that my “flow” involves much more than just the hoop, hence all the yip yap about other goings ons etc.


I don’t seem to care really that I have gone the way side, after all I find this as a good outlet for all the jib jab that floats about my head. 


So to those who have been following, thank you for uh, reading my ramblings.



Having said all that though, I do have some hooping business.


I was approached to do another Burlesque show towards the end of next month.  It’s going to be a pretty good venue, very close to where I live and a variety of performers.  (Belly dancers, burlesque dancers, metal grinders. . .me.) So I am super stoked.


The theme is something like Women Rock, and while I am not sure I need to strictly “adhere” to the theme, I would like to incorporate a song that emphasizes empowerment of women.


Yet I am finding it contradictive to take my clothes off to a song that promotes strong womanhood and the I am woman hear me roar mantra. 

It’s not that I am a prude, I just have conflicted feelings when it comes to this sort of thing.


I feel that women should use their heads to get, well, get ahead.  Not their bodies.  Yet at the same time I also feel that women should embrace their bodies, no matter the shape or size, and if they wanna take off their clothes or use their sex appeal to get somewhere in the world, well I guess more power to them.  (But I would rather see a gal get ahead using her brains.  Cleavage and seducing men just seems soo cliché to me, and almost the easy way out.) 


Needless to say I am having a hard time finding a song that represents being a fun flirty woman owning my sexuality that is not represented in some stupid bubblegum pop way, and also something that I can hoop too.


I may just go with my Cherry Bomb routine, maybe spruce it up some. . .polish it up.

Yet, when I tried to do it the other day, I found myself sooo not into it. 


Maybe the fact that I had to listen to that goddamn song over and over and over and over and over and over when I 1st learned the routine?


Maybe indeed.


So that’s where I am with this one.  I need to come up with a good fun rocking song.  Preferably sung by a chick. 


And this time, I swear to Bob, that I WILL NOT PROCRASTINATE!


So off song hunting I go.


Goals and Shit.

Someone had asked me the other day what my goal were for the year.

I thought it would be best to sort of document what I would like to set out and accomplish, because oh I have this wonderful thing called memory.  NOT.


So in no particular order of importance, here there are.


1.) Go back to school.

-Ok, so maybe this one is THE most important.  I have already registered to attend; however, I missed the cut off for applying for financial aide for spring term.  Which means, I will have to wait till summer, and there is no way in hell I can pay for any of it, or even want to think about taking out loans?  But at least I started the ball rolling on this one.


2.) Tone up some. 

– I hate to admit that I have put on some weight.  In fact I’ve put back on all of the weight I lost when      I was sick with the kidney bullshit.  I was somewhere around 125-127, then dropped to 112, and am now back up to 127.  I’d like to be about 120.  At the most.  I have already started an exercise regiment.

3.) Taking better care of my body.

– This goes along with #2, but has to deal more so with the inside.  Seeing as I am getting older, and I have this bone condition, I felt it was best t o try and give my body all the help it can use in order to slow down the ageing process and other bone ailments that I am sure I am to fall victim too.  This includes working on my posture and an introduction of Vitamins and healthier eating habits.  I’ve cut down my soda intake considerably, trying to stay away from fast foods, and uhh, yeah. . . it’s a start.


4.) Hoop More.  A lot More.

-This is just a given.


5.) Continue to work on my chakras and move towards a closer spiritual relationship with all things.


-I gotta say that I already feel a major shift in regards to my spiritual path and well being.  I feel that my root is almost in pretty good shape and that I may just be ready to move on to my Sacral Chakra. (come to think of it, I think I am already onto my Sacral. . . pelvic thrusts and eating more oranges. . .check and check!)



6.) Start Yoga

– This goes along with #2, #3 and #5.  But really. . .I need to get on this.


7.) Have more adventures.

-I want to get out into the world more.  Have more experiences.  Live to the fullest.  Collect more stories. I want to go to more festivals and celebrations.  Yeah!

8.) Do more stuff with Beans.

Not the magical fruit.  Many Many Many moons ago, when I was working with kids, I drew this monkey that was just soo ridiculous, that it became a permanent feature of the afterschool program I worked.  Every week I would draw a picture of Beans and what ever crazy adventure he was partaking in . . .along the way he picked up some friends, and they all like to hang out and do stuff.  The whole concept of this monkey seems to tickle a lot of people.  So I would like to turn him into a book of sorts.  I have ideas, just not sure how to connect the dots so to speak.  Not only that, but because Beans is a lighthearted, care free fun loving monkey, it has been hard to find such motivation to draw him when I myself am feeling all depressed and stressed out. 

This monkey has always been on the “to do” list, since his conception.  I feel there is a lot of potential there, just not sure how to execute. 




Uh, soooo, I think that’s it.  At least the ones that come to the front. 



I have to say that life is pretty good at the moment.  I am moving in 2 weeks, My personal life seems to be ok, my friends are awesome as always, as is my family. . . I really have no bitches or complaints. . . other than financial shit, but, what else is new on that front?



I don’t want to jinx anything, and I know we are not even a month into the new year, but I really feel like this is going to be a good year.


*knocks on wood*

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