мелочи поймали в момент их

I am not superstitious by any means, yet I will admit that I do find comfort in ritual, traditions and customs.  (Not the OCD kind)

At the same time, I don’t really place much effort into maintaining said rituals, traditions and customs.  There are things that I would like to implement and carry over year to year, but time, money and other obligations seem to quash any hopes I may have of actually implementing or carrying out traditions.

(unless I adopt the tradition of always being broke.  Ha! Er. Eh.)


There are maybe a handful that I actually do make sure happen with a certain amount of zeal, and that would be my birthday, Halloween and New Years’ Eve.


I have this silly notion that the way you end a year, set’s the tone for how the following year will be.  This is why I like to be surrounded by people on NYE. 


They don’t necessarily have to be people I know per se, or even acquainted with really, I just like to be out and about somewhere, dressed up all fancy ( any excuse to dress up fancy, and I am all over it.) I don’t really need the out and about part either, but I do like to have my nearest and dearest at hand to celebrate the coming of the year.  Yet I have found that this is not always feasible due to people already having commitments and so on.


This year, I opted for something a little more low key.  Just an intimate dinner and then off to some place to see an acquaintance DJ.


(The dinner was actually very very nice.  The food was incredible.  The restaurant we went to has the most amazing crab cakes I have ever tasted.  I mean, if I had a dick, I would stick my dick in these crab cakes.  No joke.  That’s how good.  But I’m getting off track…….)


The place where this acquaintance was Dj’ing turned out to actually be a Hungarian/Russian restaurant.  With lots of Hungarian/Russian people.  Having a private party, speaking in Russian or Hungarian or whatever, carving up a pig on the bar. . . .


We sort of just crashed this joint.  They didn’t seem to mind, and we sat at the bar the whole night.  My acquaintance, while a Progressive house dj, was very ill prepared for the crowd who were expecting more of a “wedding” dj. . .someone who would play more “commercially known” songs and well, Russian music.  So it was kind of a kick watching this debacle unfold (even though I really did feel for the guy.)


We were pretty much left alone most the night.  I mean, I don’t speak Russian or Hungarian or whatever it was they were jibbing. . . its not that everyone was rude or standoffish.  It was just a Russian party.  With “Russian” shore looking people.  (The equivalent to those yahoos on the Jersey Shore.. . .only Russian or Hungarian or whatever.) 


Anyways my whole point to this blog is that there was this moment, that after the ball dropped and people were whooping, hollering, dancing kissing and hugging. . . there was this crack where that feeling of how truly and utterly beautiful life is just sort of washed over me.  A moment where everything sort of slowed down and the veil was lifted.  Even though life sucks balls from time to time, there is such love and laughter, joy and celebration, and at the very essence of our cores, we are all beings of light.


I dunno if the Champaign had something to do with it, or the fact that Tiesto was playing (for the record, I don’t like Tiesto. . .so it couldn’t have been him.  Fuck Tiesto) but being amidst all these people and watching their celebration, and me sitting there taking it all in and breathing out the last of 2012. . . Well, it was cathartic.


Sometimes, shit just comes together in ways that you totally don’t expect, and everything “clicks”.


Sometimes it’s those little things.



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