Burlesque Rock N Roll

I’ve noticed that lately, my posts have totally not been about hooping.  I know that when I started this thing, my goal was to keep a “hooping” journal so to speak, and keep it strictly about hooping and flow related activities.  As I have gone along though, I have come to see that my “flow” involves much more than just the hoop, hence all the yip yap about other goings ons etc.


I don’t seem to care really that I have gone the way side, after all I find this as a good outlet for all the jib jab that floats about my head. 


So to those who have been following, thank you for uh, reading my ramblings.



Having said all that though, I do have some hooping business.


I was approached to do another Burlesque show towards the end of next month.  It’s going to be a pretty good venue, very close to where I live and a variety of performers.  (Belly dancers, burlesque dancers, metal grinders. . .me.) So I am super stoked.


The theme is something like Women Rock, and while I am not sure I need to strictly “adhere” to the theme, I would like to incorporate a song that emphasizes empowerment of women.


Yet I am finding it contradictive to take my clothes off to a song that promotes strong womanhood and the I am woman hear me roar mantra. 

It’s not that I am a prude, I just have conflicted feelings when it comes to this sort of thing.


I feel that women should use their heads to get, well, get ahead.  Not their bodies.  Yet at the same time I also feel that women should embrace their bodies, no matter the shape or size, and if they wanna take off their clothes or use their sex appeal to get somewhere in the world, well I guess more power to them.  (But I would rather see a gal get ahead using her brains.  Cleavage and seducing men just seems soo cliché to me, and almost the easy way out.) 


Needless to say I am having a hard time finding a song that represents being a fun flirty woman owning my sexuality that is not represented in some stupid bubblegum pop way, and also something that I can hoop too.


I may just go with my Cherry Bomb routine, maybe spruce it up some. . .polish it up.

Yet, when I tried to do it the other day, I found myself sooo not into it. 


Maybe the fact that I had to listen to that goddamn song over and over and over and over and over and over when I 1st learned the routine?


Maybe indeed.


So that’s where I am with this one.  I need to come up with a good fun rocking song.  Preferably sung by a chick. 


And this time, I swear to Bob, that I WILL NOT PROCRASTINATE!


So off song hunting I go.



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