One Leg Hooping. . . .still trying.

I haven’t found a song yet for a new routine for the up-coming show next month.  It is quite perplexing.  I am just not finding anything that “feels” right and danceable. . . in any regards, so it is looking like Cherry Bomb it is.

I did though, go take a look at some of the other acts involved, and wow!  I gotta say I am really impressed.  Good stuff abound.  Yet at the same time, I, as always, really feel the need to step up my game.

So Maybe not Cherry Bomb.

Anyways, In my ever life long quest in regards to one leg hooping, I found a very good tutorial by Safire, who breaks it down rather simply.  (well in theory, practice is another matter)

I started with Luna, but I think she is just to big for me to get my pusher leg out of the way. (as far as just trying to spin the hoop around the one leg and practice balance and maintaining the spin.)

I will probably try with Ruby, as she is smaller and lighter.

I am reeeeeealy hoping to use Luna in the next show, because, she’s fancy schmancy, and well, when you got a fancy schmancy hoop like that, what really do you need to do, other than hoop it?  But you know, my inner perfectionist performer wants to give out some ability “wow” factor.  After all, it shouldn’t be the hoop that is the dazzler. . . it should be the hooper.


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  1. Tilly Whirls
    Jan 15, 2013 @ 05:12:07

    Hmm… I would think maybe a song by Garbage or No Doubt would be good. Also thinking Ani DiFranco or even Alanis Morisette could be interesting. Or if you wanted to go back further, Pat Benetar (Hit Me With Your Best Shot or Love Is a Battlefield). Or if you wanted to be a little surprising you could go with something like Kerri Hilson’s Pretty Girl Rock. It’s a fun pop/hip-hop song that includes the word “rock” and is about being a confident woman. 🙂 Cherry Bomb is a pretty good song though. Good luck!

    Other fun yet more alternative songs for consideration:
    Sea Lion Woman – Feist
    The Moneymaker – Rilo Kiley
    Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men – The Strokes & Regina Spektor
    Tony The Beat – The Sounds
    Yeah Yeah Yeah – The Sounds
    Help I’m Alive – Metric
    Gold Guns and Girls – Metric
    They – Jem
    I’m a Lady – Santigold
    Seven Nation Army – Melanie Martinez
    Shut Up and Let Me Go – The Ting Tings


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