New Digs

I finally started the whole moving process over the weekend.  Because I still have a month left at my old place, I felt that I didn’t really need to “rush” and lug all my shit over at once.  I planned a day where I had some friends help move all the big shit, and probably a dozen or so boxes. (and leisurely bring over the rest of my crap i don’t need right away.)

The move actually went really well.  I was feeling quite guilty about the circumstances, due to the fact that the weather a few days beforehand, dipped down into the single digits and began snowing profusely.  Who wants to move heavy shit in that??

My friends however, were more than willing to endure the conditions, and the day actually turned out to be sunny and in the upper 20’s.  So not too bad for a day in late January. :p

I have to admit the crew I had, were most amazing, and my heart just swells thinking about the endurance, dedication and help that was offered on that day.  We actually had a really good time.  I mean, who can say that about moving?  Especially in the middle of winter?  Yet we did.

I think it helped that we took breaks during the runs, (which were only a block and half away from each other) to relax a bit, have some drinks, chit chat and yuck it up.

We had everything I wanted moved that day with in 2-1/2-3 hours.  So not bad at all.

I have been in a state of such gratitude for the souls that I have in my life.  A girlfriend of mine, (whom should have an abundance of good Karma coming her way), gave me all her old living room furniture, which is in incredible shape and quite stylish.  A much needed reprieve from my hand me down Good Will furniture with couch covers thrown over them.

She also gave me a wrought iron bed frame she was no longer using, so now, I don’t have to have my bed on the floor.

I am feeling very “grown” up these days.

The new digs, are way more spacious and roomier than my last place.  I have two bedrooms, with high ceilings and lots of windows.  In fact the kitchen I have now, is probably the same size as my old living room.

I’m still trying to grow accustomed to all the space I have to stretch out in.  When I go to walk from my living room to my bedroom, which is all the way at the end of a very long hall, I always find myself walking into the bathroom instead.  I’m just not used to their being an extra room

So it’s nice.

That and my sister is my neighbor. She literally lives right across the hall.  So double trouble right there.

So it’s all good.  I am feeling quite content.  (Though I am still unpacking and trying to figure out where to put all my shit.  Man I have a lot of shit.)

Anyways, I think though, that I might just take a few days off from everything and just “be”.  I’ve got time for me to get everything in it’s place, (though I just want it to be all done and over with asap) but I can feel my body resisting wanting to do any more “organizing” and to just rest a bit.  I’ve been going at the moving thing for the past week or so, so, I think I shall listen to my body for once and just take these next couple of days and just chill.  I’m just going to sort of “feel” everything out, as to where things should go, and let the new digs guide me in creating some good feng shui.  I feel a lot of positive energy in this place.

I mean, I have a full size tub now.  Can’t get more positivity than that!


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