I’m a little down today.  Seems like the same old fuckery is possibly going on behind my back.  *sigh* But whatever.


Last night I attended a drum clinic that featured none other then the drumming legend. . . Terry Bozzio.

If you are not familiar with Terry, I suggest you check him out.  He was a drummer for Frank Zappa back in the day.   He is noted for performing Zappa’s  “The Black Page”, which was a piece that was designed to be a “musician’s nightmare”. . . a page laden with so many notes, that the page itself appeared to be, well, black.


I mean, the man is phenomenal.  The rhythms and melodies he produces from the drums are quite astounding and . .. well, fucking kick ass.  It’s not that he is just wailing on the skins, he also tickles them and makes them purr.  He awakens every piece with subtle movements and light touches, while also encouraging them to shout, growl and yell and boom with excitement.

He is loving those drums.  In a non weirdo pervy way.


Before Terry sat down, he said to the audience that when he sits in front of the drums, it’s as if, he disappears and someone else appears.  He is present yet not.  He is lost in what he is doing, and off somewhere else, sort of in the moment, yet beyond it.

To watch him play and be in that “moment”. . . to see that “flow” was incredibly beautiful. I seriously wanted to cry.


That’s the kind of shit I am talking about.  To be so lost in something you love, and to be creating something in the process.  That energy. . . It just takes my breath away.  Not only to be able to fall into a state of such flow, but to take other people with you, and open that door to something bigger, to share that energy…

Well it leaves me speechless. . . . except for some expletives.

Sidenote. . . .Bozzio gives good drum face.


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