I Don’t Want No Man!

I know I said that I had “found” my song, but I came across this little diddy the other day while listening to Blues Women radio on AOL.  (Which I highly recommend.  Who knew there was some really good kick ass shit on here?  Talk about Women not taking no shit yet loving you with all they got music.)

I think this song is much more appropriate for what I am going for.  It’s sung by a chick, and it’s empowering chicks. (Cause she don’t want no man, telling her what to do.  Mmmhmmm!  That’s right!)

I know I wanted to try something a little more “sexier” but who the hell am I kidding?  I don’t see myself as a total sex vixen.  Sex kitten maybe.  😛

I’ve been practicing some key moves I’d like to incorporate here and there (thanks to Lil Chupa for that awesome tutorial, and of course Caroleena.)

As far as costuming, I have NO IDEA what to go for with this one.

So I plan on rifling through all my skivvies and under things tonight and see what I can come up with.

So I am feeling pretty good.  Just waiting for it all the gel together.  Well maybe not so much waiting. . .but for the organic flow of everything falling into its place.


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