I feel fat.

I had written this whole blog on it yesterday, about how I had totally pigged out the day beforehand, and my weirdo food issues and blah blee doo da. . then I picked up my hoop, worked on my routine a bit, and felt so much better afterwards.

I still feel a bit tubby. . .but fuck it.  I’m not gonna obsess and lament over it.  I just need t o get off my ass more.

Case closed.

In other news, I got my costume together,I have at least a minute and a half of my routine down. . .only about 2 more mins to go, which I am sure will be filled up with “seductive”, if not cheeky removal of clothing,
 and I am just about all moved in with all my shit put away and in place.

Life is good.

So so good.

Now give me a cheeseburger!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. rilschsea
    Feb 14, 2013 @ 00:23:39

    Put some bacon and mayo on it and eat the shit out of it


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