30 Day Song Challenge: Questa stanza non ha più pareti

Day 10 – A song that makes you cry

Well wouldn’t the songs that make you sad category also make you wanna cry?

Shit.  I dunno.  It depends on my mood I guess.  The circumstances. . . like if I am having relationship problems and listen to the Smiths or some other crap that seems to be pertinent to my situation, then It just intensifies those feelings, and well, I cry.  Or if I am just having an off day, and a song comes on that I feel is relatable, you know. . I cry.  It could be Lil Wayne for all I know. (ok, not really. . .unless you count crying out of sheer and utter disbelief that people actually buy that crap.)

However, there is one song I suppose that seems to invoke tears (or watery-ness of some sorts) upon listening to whatever the mood:

To me this song is the embodiment of being in love with someone.

Il Cielo In Una Stanza

Quando sei qui con me
questa stanza non ha più pareti
ma alberi,
alberi infiniti
quando sei qui vicino a me
questo soffitto viola
no, non esiste più.
Io vedo il cielo sopra noi
che restiamo qui
come se non ci fosse più
niente, più niente al mondo.
Suona un’armonica
mi sembra un organo
che vibra per te e per me
su nell’immensità del cielo.
Per te, per me:
nel cielo

Translated it goes something like this:

The Sky In One Room

When you are here with me
this room has no walls
but trees,
never ending trees
when you are here close to me
this purple ceiling
no, it doesn’t exist anymore
I see the sky above us
and we stay here
as if nothing else existed anymore
nothing else in the world.
An harmonica is playing
it sounds like an hammond
that vibrates for you an for me
up in the immensity of the sky
for you, for me
in the sky

Plus Mike Patton singing this. . .man.  It melts my heart.  (and knees and various other body parts.) He breathed such emotion into this song.  I love Mike Patton.

It’s simple,passionate, dramatic and sweet.  I just think it’s a beautiful song. A beautiful rendition.  A beautiful love.

It also makes me want to learn Italian.


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  1. rilschsea
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 20:13:21

    Silver springs fleetwood mac


  2. rilschsea
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 20:13:50

    Niff niff


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