Thoughts During My Performance

Ok. . .just breathe, just breathe.  Relax.  Relax.  You got this. 


I hope there is enough room on the stage.


Please do not let me bump into anything.


Please please do not let me drop the hoop.


Dear gods of hooping, please let me have a good performance.


Ok, shit, Ok. . . I’m up.  Ok.  Relax.  I got this.


Stage looks roomy.  Ok.  Be mindful of that platform.


Ok, good start. . . smile. . . Make eye contact. . . Flirty flirty. . . Are you making eye contact?




Gonna have to do super model walk the other way down the stage.  No biggy.


Shit shit shit. . . for got to turn opposite direction with hoop. 


It’s ok. . . just keep going.  SMILE.  FLIRTY!


Butt shake butt shake. . .ok get ready for next part. . .


Eye contact .. .don’t forget to engage the audience.


Shit shit shit. . . losing control of the hoop.  .


Damn it those tosses were not sharp at all. . . Mother Fuck. . .Keep smiling. . .keep going. . . It’s ok, you got it.


Shake butt. . . Christ this hoop is gonna fall over


Glove work. . here we go. . .  Smile. . . Flirty Flirty . . .


Get ready for spins. . shit.  . missed the first spin. . .oh well, keep going,


Please hoop do not fly off over my neck. . get to where you need to be. . .Ok, smile. . Camp it up. . .


Wow, those ladies in the front are really loving this song!  Look at em dancing!


Ok. Good good, doing good, don’t let it fall. . . smile. . .


Corset. . . start unhooking. . . almost done. . .Get more flirty. . .


Shit I tied the string on the crop top too tight, shit shit shit shit. . . can’t pull it open with teeth. . .


It’s good. . .we got this. . . smile. ..  have fun. . .


Shit shit shit shit hoop not in right position for bow. . .uhhh. . . improvise. . . shit shit shit. .

Smile!!  Breathe!! 


All Done!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pandaqueen1001
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 07:12:22

    My performance monologue is pretty similar, minus the hoop parts, lol!


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