Yay for Foxy!

The show was an absolute hit!  I have to say it was probably THE best variety show/benefit that I have ever been a part of.

There were vendors, there were bands, there were pole dancers, belly dancers, burlesque dancers (and goddess bless her heart a 65 yr old Burlesque dancer), Metal grinders and fire eaters. 


Oh and Me!


I didn’t go on till around 11, and the coordinator had wanted the performers to be there by a set time.  The show started at 8, and that’s about when I got there.


I have to say that I was nervous the whole night.  I wanted to do the show justice, and I didn’t want people thinking the hula hoop girl sucked.  Tis my inner performer perfectionist. 


About a half hour before I was to go on, I slipped into the “dressing” area and tried to warm up a bit.  It was hard because people were walking in and out and there wasn’t much room, so I would have to stop and let them go by.


I had worked into one part of my act where I was gonna duck out, grab the hoop and spin it around me, so that I would have it to do spins in front of me.  It was something that I had practiced all day, and while I was nailing it at home, I was not nailing it 15 mins before I was to go on.  The hoop kept flying off of me, and I wasn’t catching it in time.  So I decided to just nix it and do some vortexes instead.  Better to be safe than sorry.


I mean, the routine was fairly simple.  Not overly “tricksy”, mainly because I wanted to for once be comfortable with removing my clothing.  I always seem to have wardrobe malfunctions.  Stuff getting stuck in my hair, or not unzipping, or the hoop falling while I am unbuttoning. . . which would send me into a panic, so whatever.


I think this time I came up with a pretty decent number.  In fact my one friend told me that it was the best foxy moon routine she has ever seen me do.  And she is an amazing hooper.. . so she would know.  😛


I kinda feel that way too.  I mean, yeah, there were some parts that were not sharp, but I made it through and the audience seemed to really enjoy it.

I was happy to see a group of women standing in the front of the stage dancing and having a good time.  I am so glad I went with the song that I did.


I stuck around till the last performance, but after it was over I had to split.  The anxiety of wanting to do good and then the adrenaline totally wore me out.  Plus for whatever reasons, my bones started to ache and stiffen, probably due to the fact that I was running around and hooping in heels way longer than need be.


That and I was hungry.  So I went and got a very well deserved cheeseburger.  J



So all and all, I am pleased with how it went.  I didn’t drop the hoop, which is always my major concern, I got my shit off with no major problem.  And people really seemed to like my number.  In fact a few people came up to me and told me how much they liked it.  A girl actually hugged me! 


So yeah!  Yeah for Foxy!


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  1. gypsy116
    Feb 26, 2013 @ 22:04:18

    Cute 😀


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