No Soliciting

WordPress has just informed me that today is my two year anniversary of blogging.  Yippee yay! 


I’m not one to really care about who is following me or what my stats are. I pretty much am here for my own amusement and enlightenment.  If you choose to come along . . . cool, if not, no big deal. (To those who do choose to come along, many thanks for reading my thoughts.)


I’ve also found some really good blogs that I find amusing and entertaining.   I am a voyeur who is always interested in the real dealings of everyday life of everyday people.

So I thank all those that I follow for sharing what it is they share . . . whether it be their day to days, their struggles, randomness . . . what have you. 



Yet I’ve noticed that there have been some people over the past two years who have liked or have been following me, where I can’t tell if they are legit, or just looking to “sell” something.


Philosophy, self help blogging to make money . . . that kind of shit.


They’ve got these books, seminars, websites all to show you how you too!  Can be this that and the other.


It makes me wonder the sincerity of their appreciation. Do they really like what I am blabbering on about?  Or are they just trying to market themselves?


If the only reason to like my blog or a post is so that I will come over and look at whatever it is your schlepping, I gotta say, don’t waste your time on mine.


I don’t want to “buy” anything. 


I don’t think it states anywhere in anything that I have written that I am looking to pursue this as a means to live or as something serious. 


I mean sure, this is “serious” in the respect that I use it as a tool to gain self reflection and to jib jab whatever uselessness is floating about my head, but I have no grandiose ventures of becoming a serious blogger or writing a book. 


If that’s your bag, then hey, good for you.  More power to you and best of luck.


But I like to work in a world of pure sincerity with no hidden motives.


Anyways, yeah.


That’s all.


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