Music Snob

So now that I am all done with that song challenge, I guess I’ll actually have to yap about something “real”.  I say that facetiously of course.


Staying with the theme of music however, I am always on a quest for good hooping tunes.


It’s not unlikely to see me Shazaming shit during workshops and local jams. . It’s become such an obsession at times, but music is what moves me.  Literally.  Ha.  Eh.


Usually every year I try to come up with at least one hooping mix, of songs I am digging, that put me in a hoop dancey mood.


I think I did. . .did i?  Make one for last year??  I can’t remember.

No.  I did not.  2011 was the last one.

 Hoopmix 2011 (such an original title right?)

What Else is there?- Royksopp

Kiara- Bonobo

You’ve Got Maelstrom- Blockhead

Mr G- Deadmau5

Dare- Gorillaz

Sweat Meat- (a catchy diddy from an old friend of mine.  Cracks my ass up.)

Makes me Wanna Die Remix) Tricky

Take It Easy- Mad Lion

You Don’t Love Me (No No No)- Dawn Penn

Hippy Chick- Soho

You and I (Deadmau5 remix)- Medina

The Latern- Beats Antique

Catfish- Spoonbill

Triptango- Tripssono

We Speak No Americano- Yolanda Be Cool



Anyways, I am sort of in a music slump as far as what I want to hoop to.


I’ve been scouting new jams to groove too, and am really coming up short. 


I do admit I am a music snob.  In my head. . .I have “taste” and everyone else, needs their shit spoon fed to them.


I know how incredibly arrogant that sounds. 


Yet I am not one of those people that hem and haw or put down other people’s taste, imposing my opinion about how much of what they like sucks. . .  I will even stay quiet when they impose their shitty music on me (except if it’s Nickleback, Dave Matthews or Linkin Park….You can go fuck yourself on those.)


I mean Christ!  I drove 4 hours to Michigan with my gal pals, gritting my teeth to the sounds of Pink.


(For the record, I would never make my friends listen to 4 hours of crap I know they can’t stand.. . .say Opeth or Fantomas.. . .well Fantomas maybe, if I am super annoyed with you. . .but for the most part, I am considerate in that regards. 😛 )


Anyways, what?  Oh yes. . .


So I joined this hoopers playlist thing. . .and I gotta say, I am majorly disappointed with the submissions.  I mean, There is more out there than just Pretty Lights and Beats Antique.  (Oh and Booka Shada)  Not that I don’t enjoy those. . .but you know. . let’s mix this shit up.


Where are the good beats? 


I can’t get down with the whiney mopey women singing when I am hooping either.  Sorry Adelle. . . just.. shut the fuck up and get away from me.  Christ.

And Skrillex, or whatever, thank you for killing dub step.  Not that it had much of a shelf life anyways, but you really fucking mashed it into one big commercial annoying crap turd.


I am sure some of you are reading this and thinking “This girl is an asshole! “

And you’re right.  I can be. 

But you know, I like what I like. . and you can like what you like. . and we can all have opinions about it. 

Cause this is M’erica damn it!


Anyways, Here is what I have so far for this year.  Rip apart, or praise it’s genius at your own discretion.


I won’t take offense to either.  😛


Panty Slingshot- Opiuo, Jay Wikid

Sofi Needs a Ladder- Deadmau5

Jolie Coquine- Caravan Palace

Potions “Deliverance Mix”- Puscifer

Not Feelin’ The Love- R Kelly

Got Till It’s Gone- Janet Jackson

Big Booty Bitches (Dirtyloud Mix) Bombs Away

Sex Bomb – Adam Freeland Dub Mix- Spinnerette

Magic Spells- Crystal Castles

Cirrus- Bonobo

When the Dust Settles- STS9

Postales- Federico Aubele

Get Together- Ryan Anthony

Discovered- Beats Antique

No Solution- Jel

Sex Lies Audiotape-Redux Mix- Deadmau5









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