YOu will find a way. . YOu always do.


I started yoga about 3 weeks ago.  I have been going once a week, and taking a gentle yoga class.  I felt like it would probably be best to ease my way into it.


I gotta say. . I really love it.  I dare say yoga is just about as good as sex.  My pelvis has never felt so open!  Ha!  Har!  Er.  Seriously though. . . I always leave class a bit wobbly. 



Granted, my flexibility for some positions suck balls due to my bone condition and tumors which impede certain movements, but I gotta say, I feel so incredibly good after a good stretch.


That’s basically what this gentle yoga is.  Stretching.


I’m not a doctor or anything, but I highly recommend it to anyone else out there suffering with mild to moderate MHE.


I’m hoping to gain more flexibility and balance out of this.  Lord almighty . . . BALANCE.


My balance is horrible.  I mean this in regards to all areas of my life.


It has also been good with keeping center and “finding my breath.”


As cheesy as this sounds, this couldn’t be the most important words to remember under ANY type of stressful situation.  Stop. . . Find your breath, and connect with it. 


I’m telling you. . . It is such a good way to stay grounded and not lose yourself in whatever shit that tries to muck up your energy.


I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and meditating during these sessions on just letting go and ACCEPTING.  Acceptance has never come easy to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a pretty accepting person of others. . .how people want to live their lives, opinions, tastes (well, towards a certain degree. . I mean if you’re into having sex with animals or whatever else weirdness.  .  Sorry, I can’t accept that.) However, not so much of myself.  I need to remind myself to let go of the control concerning certain aspects of my life.  If things are not working out or going the way I want them too, I need to just accept that that is how it is, and move on.  I am tired of placing energy into situations that do not serve me or induce more negativity than the positive.


My problem comes from learning when to walk away and stop wasting my time and energy.  I can not accept defeat.  I can not accept giving up.


Aren’t these mantras they drill into your head as a kid?  Don’t give up?  No such thing as defeat and blah blah blah?


What they need to drill into the heads of impressionable youth is learning the difference between necessary letting go and foolishly hanging on.  What are healthy reasonable expectations, and what are not. 


Anyways, I think it’s time I clean up my life so to speak and get rid of everything that does not serve me.

I am tired of the smoke blowing and the downplaying.  These are things I can not accept and will not accept. 


I say bring on the truth and being upfront.  Let’s get real. 


If we can’t be real, then why bother?


It’s all about this moment NOW, being present in the moment, and being aware.


Get on it.


(Oh, btw. . . the title i used for this blog came to me during a meditation, when asking for guidance on what my purpose was and which direction I need to be headed.  It was clear as a bell.)







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  1. exercisegrace
    Apr 02, 2013 @ 18:35:35

    “What they need to drill into the heads of impressionable youth is learning the difference between necessary letting go and foolishly hanging on. What are healthy reasonable expectations, and what are not.”

    That really sounds so simple, and yet when I read it I was blown away. Necessary letting go. That is going to roll around in my head for awhile. Necessary letting go. They should also teach that sometimes, we need to pry something from our hands, and walk away from it.

    I too need to clean up my life and get rid of what doesn’t serve me, or rather, has served me in the wrong way. Ways that perhaps are even justifiable, but still not healthy. Thank you for this post.


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