HP Cleveland is coming up in about 3 weeks.

Normally I would be tickled pink over it’s arrival.  This year. . . ehhhh. . .

I have gotten very very very lazy.

(don’t I always?)

Baxter has been going around bringing everyone his Earthquake tour. At one point he was going to do Myth and the Way when he got to Cleveland (talking more about the Miaden)  But then I guess he changed his mind?  To be quite honest, I was looking forward to the Myth and the Way.

So It’s back to Earthquake.

I am guessing this will probably be very core involved?

Let’s see. . .

“This year’s foci are: (for details, see below)

Core Technique Focus: Footwork
Touch Technique Focus: Folding
Music Focus: HipHop
Meditative Focus: Earthquakes and Rebuilding”

I have no idea what folding is.  If it is like folding in Yoga,  Ha!  I can barely touch my toes.  But I don’t think it is.

Hip Hop?  I am so down.  I love me some good hippity hop.


Anyways, what was i talking about?  Oh yes. . my laziness.  I have been pretty lazy since I did that show.  I may have picked up my hoop once or twice since then?  It just feels like a lot of work.

Then I get to watching other people hoop, thinking it will “inspire” me, and it doesn’t.  Instead I take it the other way and start hating on myself.  I feel after 4 years of hooping that I should have more to show from it then just vortexing and swinging the hoop over my head.  *sigh*  (It’s not about that Kaycee. . . you KNOW better.)

I’m just not loving on my hooping that much.

Now that I am thinking about it, its probably good he is bringing Earthquake to Cleveland.  I mean. . . Rebuilding.  I could use some of that. 

I’ve been pretty blah blah blah blah these days.  My sparkle is gone.  Not like my OWN personal sparkle. . . but that in itself is dull.  It could use some polishing. 

I guess just readjusting and learning.  Accepting and letting go. 



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