Casserole… a Metaphor

So I’ve got this “casserole”.  It’s a pretty good casserole if you ask me.  No.  Strike that.  It is a fucking awesome casserole.  I mean, its made with lots of good stuff….and ….love.

I put everything I have into making this casserole.  My heart, my soul, my intentions….everything.  It’s not always easy to make….but damn it…I make it, and I am always eager to share it with others.

Depending on who I am making this casserole for, also depends on what goes in it.  I’m open and flexible.  You don’t like paprika?  Hey that’s cool.  I will tune this casserole to your pallet….yet at the same time….staying somewhat true to the recipe.

So I make this casserole.  Sometimes I just make a little to see how the other person will like it.  If they do, then I’ll make a whole shit ton more.  Cause it’s what I do.

Sometimes though, I will make this casserole, and the person I make it for….doesn’t eat it.  They just sort of look at it like huh?   I tell them…try it!  Take a bite!  They will say….but I don’t like cucumbers…and I say…there’s no cucumbers in it.  They will make all kinds of excuses.  So I am stuck with all this casserole.

Or sometimes, someone will eat it up and not even think about all that went into making it.  As long as they are satiated, then why bother thanking the chef?

Most times than often, they will take a taste, tell me they would like more, and when I bring them more, they don’t want it anymore.
What?  Well now what am I suppose to do with all this casserole?
To throw it away seems like such a waste….and it makes me sad because again….I put everything into it.

I’m also finding that some people will tell me specifically what it is they want in said casserole, I give it to them, they will eat it….tell me how good it is and how they want more, and how my casserole is is the only casserole they want….meanwhile, they are down the street eating some other casserole made by someone else.  When I ask them why and what gives, they will try and tell me, you put onions in yours!  Down the street they use chives!  So I had to go down the street and eat some different casserole.  Then I will say. . but you told me you wanted and liked the onions?!

Or there are times when they go eat the casserole made by someone else, because that person puts potatoes in theirs.  Well, I am totally open to adding potatoes…..did you ask?  No.  So what gives?  Like I said I’m flexible.  I am soooo totally down with potatoes in the casserole….I mean, maybe I’ve always wanted to try the potatoes but never felt comfortable adding them before, questioning the delicate balance of flavors in my casserole. . . . I would have loved to have tried some potatoes in my casserole for….you know?  Maybe it would work out quite nice?  And if not, then I’ll just take em out . . . but we can totally talk about the recipe.

No one wants to talk about the recipe.

Yeah….so I got this casserole.
Maybe I should switch to baking.


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