So I guess this is what “folding” refers to. . . . .


Ugh.  I just hate the thought of myself hooping right now.  I watch videos like this and think. . . why can I not hoop like that?  Why is my hooping not graceful and svelte like?

I watch people who have been hooping for like 4 months are they are all like bam bam bam!  With their polypro hoop. . . and younger more nimbler bodies.

I know I am already defeating myself.  I need to accept what i can do, and know that every hooper has their own personal distinct style.  *sigh* Yet it is my own personal body issues that seem to be rearing their ugly heads.

I think because of my bone disorder, I just appear to be more so slightly . . . .awkward in my movements.  My coordination and balance is off because my body itself is not balanced or aligned properly.

That’s just what I think.  Man.  Acceptance.  I have been struggling with this bitch for a while now.  Blah.  and I feel fat today.  and not sassy.

The end.





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