HoopPath Cleveland 2013 After Thoughts


Hoop Path Cleveland has come and gone.  It was a pretty intense weekend.  As far as the weekend, and physically.  I have some real gnarly bruises forming.


Over all I gotta say it was good.  It definitely kicked my ass.  It wasn’t as “deep” and “emotional” as I had hoped. . . Normally I look forward to the emotional release that these workshops provide, but I dunno.  I’m just so jaded and guarded these days . . . and the workshops were more about movement than anything.  At least I thought so.

Anyways, Friday night things started off great.  I was excited.  I made sure I hydrated all day.  I ate right before hand so that I would be good to go.  Took an allergy pill. . . Met up with my gal pal and off we went.

We started the workshop with an exercise that Baxter likes to call “sway”.  Its where you stand in your hoop (or outside) blind folded, and you just “sway” to the music.  It’s sort of to wake up your body.  The purpose of the blindfold is so that you don’t have to feel so self conscious about what it is your doing.  Normally when you are looking around at other people and what they are doing, it becomes very easy to start comparing yourself and then insecurities start to emerge.  To truly let go and connect with your inner self, he requires the blindfold.


We stayed blindfolded for about 3 songs.  Sway, and then we did a sort of just dance and feel the music type exercise, and then we hooped blindfolded.  Again, it’s so you can feel comfortable in your body and let go of any expectations and insecurities, and truly open yourself to learning and the experience.  If you are worried about what you look like to others the whole time, then how can you focus on the task at hand?

So after the blind fold hooping exercise (I should point out here, that very rarely if ever, do people collide.  You start to get a feeling of awareness of your surroundings.) We stop and that is when I noticed that my hands were starting to itch and were extremely red.

I’ve talked about this before, where I get these weird “allergic” reactions out of nowhere, and itchy hands is the 1st sign that a full blown attack is on it’s way.

I took another allergy pill, and thought it better that I should probably take a short break and let it do it’s thing.  I didn’t want to exasperate my condition, so I left the room and went to the bathroom.  When I looked in the mirror, I saw that I had broken out in a rash and hives were starting to pop out.

This was so not good.  Not on my 1st day of Hoop Path.

I tried to stay calm and relax, and hoped that the Benadryl I had just taken would take effect before things got really bad.  But alas, it did not.  I started to get that intense pain in my pelvic area . . . it felt like I either had to shit real bad, or give birth. To an elephant.

Since I didn’t drive myself to the workshop and rode with my friend, I felt I was kind of stuck.  I didn’t want to disrupt the class to pull her out, having everyone see me looking like. . .  I dunno what . . . and even worse, having to make her leave the class to drive me home.  I mean, we paid good money to be there.

I tried to get a hold of one friend to see if he could pick me up, but he just sort of blew me off, not really taking me seriously.  Apparently he had more important burning man preparation things to do.  (Thanks Dick.)

By this time, I was gone for about an hour, and I was just getting worse.

I went back into the bathroom to throw up a few times and then my friend whom I came with came in the bathroom to check on me.

After she took one look at me, she told me she was getting my things and we were going.  She was going to take me to the emergency room.  I of course argued with her but she wasn’t having it.  I had to convince her that this thing “happens” and really it will subside eventually and I will be ok.  It was decided that she would take me to meet up with my sister who was in the vicinity and my sister would drive me home.  (I mean, I didn’t want my friend to miss out on anything.)

It was horrible people.  I couldn’t breathe . . . I was having a hard time catching my breath . . . the pain was intense. . . I was shaking and itchy.  It sucked balls.

Once I got home (and good two hours later) my body finally calmed down and I fell asleep.

But what a start to the weekend.  Jeeze.  I looked up my symptoms and read that sometimes this “condition” is brought on by exertion or exercise.  Great.  Also I read that the pain I was having in my abdomen, could have been caused by hives on the INSIDE of my body.  That’s right.  THE INSIDE.  What the hell??

Could I be anymore of an anomaly?  Bone tumors, weirdo kidney bleeding and inside hives.

The rest of the weekend went off with out anymore “attacks”.  Which was good. I went back Saturday and had my ass kicked by 4 hours of intense hooping. . . Mostly working on shoulder hooping, angles breaks and paddles.  Then again on Sunday for another 4 hours of hooping techniques called Touch/Point, (where you use the tops of your hands or palms to manipulate the hoop for off body movement.  Yeah.  I know.  What?)

and Folding. (anytime the hoop “bends” in front of you, to the side, up your butt (jk). . There is a lot of swishing the hoop in folding.)

I got to see friends I don’t get to see very often , I laughed and danced with my hoop sisters, I ate really really good. . .I mean, it was a perfect weekend.  Just about.  Except for that episode.  But who cares.

Anyways, here were some thoughts I had during the workshop:

I wonder what I look like swaying. . . .


I have no idea what to with my arms.  I never do.  I’m just not comfortable with them.


Taaaaaay in da wiiiinnnn Jay!  Taaaaay in da winnnnn! 

(If you get this reference, you rule)



Cool. . . I see the color purple in my mind’s eye.


Fuck. . . .How much more swaying?  I’m tired. . . .


Man I am outta shape.  Swaying is kicking my ass.


I wonder if he makes faces at us while we are blindfolded. . . hmmmm. . . .


Wow, that was pretty cool. . For a while there. . I just “was”


I am open dude!

(He likes to walk around the room shouting OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN)


Umm, hmmm, my hands are getting itchy.


Wow . . . my hands are really red.  Take another beny and get some water.


Fuck fuck fuck fuck

(This thought would commence for a few more hours as attack takes place.)


Find your breath. . . fuck. .. Do I have to poop?  What the fuck?  Man this hurts. 


Am I in labor?  Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck.




Now my breath stinks.


I wanna go home. . .



Ok I’ll spare the rest of my thoughts during my episode . . .  But a few more things before I go.


Fuck Point and Folding.  I don’t have the coordination for it.  I have to think and perform like, trigonometry in my head to switch out the positioning of my hands. ..  And the arc of the hoop along with it’s velocity times the ratio time’s pi. . . .I do not have cat like reactionary reflexes for this.   (It’s ok if you don’t know what I am talking about. . . I don’t really know what I am talking about either.)


Coming to someone else’s workshop and schlepping your goods during circle time. . NOT COOL.


Fire fans…..psssh.  Whatever.  I’ve seen better.


That was a most excellent Gouda burger.


I need to fire hoop more.


I could totally make her outfits . . . ehhh who the hell am I kidding.  I am too lazy to make those kinds of outfits.


I can totally feel the difference in shoulder hooping, when I power through the back of my shoulders.


Where are his hands going when he breaks?  What the hell?  That is like ninja shit.  What?


How do I even reach across the hoop with my opposite hand to break?  Am I supposed to be using my opposite hand?  What?  Huh?

I dunno.  That’s all I can really remember.

Do I feel like I learned anything?  Mmmm. . . . Sort of?  There are miniscule changes to technique I think that I picked up.  I am sure at some point, I will get folding and Point down (that is if I practice.)

You know what?  I didn’t take one damn picture this year.  Very Unlike me.

Anyways. . . Good Hoop Path Cleveland.  I came, I saw, I hooped, It kicked my ass. . I kicked it some back.


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