2013 Fairy Birthday Card Reading

As Birthday tradition, I like to check in with the fairies on my birthday.  See if they have anything insightful they wanna tell me.

As always, the fairies are full of insight.

Those Fairies!


Heart of the Matter:

Dreams Coming True


According to the fairies, the life I have been “dreaming” of is becoming a reality.  I’m not sure what that means, because the life I have been dreaming of, involves no bills, lots of money and lots of traveling. . . .So either I will be winning the lottery?  Or a sugar daddy will soon be appearing.  Quite frankly, I think I have a better chance at winning the lottery than a sugar daddy coming along.  😛

Anyways, desires are manifesting.  Sweet.

Opposing Factor/Factor for Change:

Romantic Partner



There are several ways I can take this.  One . . . that relationships could be an opposing factor, or obstacle in obtaining my goals/dreams. . . Perhaps I am just so fixated on a relationship in my life that I am NOT putting much effort or thought into other goals.  Perhaps it is because I am so focused on this aspect of my life, is why I feel that everything else is off?  OR, a relationship that is currently present in my life, will begin to present itself in a manner that I have been hoping it would.  Hence the manifesting from the pervious card.  Either way, a particular relationship HAS been playing a big role in my life these days.

Or this just really reinforces that a sugar daddy will be introduced.  Pbbllt! Pbbllt!

I kid.  Relax.

Root Cause:

Feeling Safe (inverted)



By looking at the 1st two cards, it’s easy to see now, where all this stems from.  There obviously is a situation where I am not feeling “safe”.

Perhaps what the fairies are saying is that this uneasy feeling that I am carrying, is what is blocking me from visualizing what it is I want to attain.  *sigh* Sometimes it’s just so hard to let go of hurt, especially when there are no logical answers or explanations.

Past/Receding Influence:


Quiet Time



Hmmm. . . I am not so sure on this.  On a whole, I can see an urge of more “me” time, and more me time in the sense of more me “reflection” time.

Or perhaps, I have been too quiet?  Yes, I think that may be it, because my next card is. . . .

Attitudes & Beliefs/Goal or Purpose:

Creative Expression



Except for making a few birthday gifts here and there, I have not really tapped into my artistic side.  I did pull out a cross stitch I have been working on for years. . . but even that is slow going, and I don’t put an exceptional amount of effort into finishing it anytime soon.  I do feel a bit stagnant in my creative department.  I have sort of just been sitting around not doing much.  I talk about how I want to sew this, or make a bunch of pendants, or do another play, find another show for my Burlesque hooping, but I don’t actually “do” much about it.  So I am thinking the fairies are saying Hey!  That’s enough lazing about!  Time to get our creative mojo going!  Yeah!

Future/Approaching Influence/Unresolved Factor/Quality to Embrace:


Higher Consciousness



“This card is a validation that my recent feelings, thoughts, dreams and aspirations are coming from my spirit.  I am receiving guidance from my true self, which is one with the Divine universal wisdom.”


I feel more in tune with myself and the powers that be.  I figure if I don’t ask for much, then I can’t be as disappointed.  A problem I think I had in regards to my spiritual relationship.

You as you are/Could Be/Present yourself/See yourself:


Stand Your Ground



It’s good to see this card in this spot.  I need to make decisions based more so on my true feelings.  I have noticed that I have been openly communicating more so, even with difficult people.  Or at least I feel that way.  Normally I would just be like Fuck it!  and shut down.  But lately, I have been a bit more assertive is getting my point across, and demanding the truth from others.

It is a quality I feel that I need to tap into more.

Let me walk my truth, and you walk yours.  The end!

Well not the end. . . we still have more cards to go,





Fuck yeah I need a vacation.  I don’t need the fairies to tell me this shit.

Hopes And Fears

Environmental Awareness


Son of a bitch I do not like this card.  I knew too, that this card was going to show up somewhere in this spread.  I guess I just don’t fully understand the message behind it.  Be greener?

I will say this.  My goal for the coming warmer months is to be outside as much as possible.  To reconnect with my Earthy roots (as I am an earth sign.)

I also feel that this card, on a personal level is also telling me that not only do I need to be more active in physical environmental matters, but also emotional and spiritual ones as well.  To take a look at my “environment” and make check to see if it is serving me in a more satisfying spiritual way.

Final Outcome


New Location (inverted)



Boo!  Hiss!! I had been hoping to find a new gig soon.   The gig I have now, is not really doing it for me.  I am growing more and more disinterested and frustrated, and the money is just not cutting it.  *sigh* screw you fairies!

But let’s look at the BIG picture. . . The Culmination of all these cards. . .could it be if I do not tackle my insecurities and not listen to myself, then there is the possibility for no movement?  Hmmm. . . So encrypted fairies.. . so encrypted.

Usually I like to draw an extra card that is sort of my Mantra, or Power card for the remainder of the year.  This Birthday’s Mantra is:



BOO YA!  Right in your face!

I will allow myself to experience and express my true innate power!  There is no stopping me.  There is nothing I can not accomplish (except flying to the moon by flapping my arms)…….with in reason!  I am Kaycee and I sound my yawp over the rooftops!


Now The end.


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