Highlights From My Weekend


         Watching my sister run outside in her bathrobe and slippers, carrying a plastic bag,   yelling    Hey!  Hey!  Hey! To the deaf lady who lets her dog shit in our parking lot, to tell her to pickup her dog shit with a series of hand gestures and then ending the “conversation” with a thumbs up.

–  The realization of how truly blessed I am to have my mom (and dad) in my life.

–  How truly kick ass my family is.

–  A “straightened up” apartment.

         The excitement from a dog who is happy to see you.

         My quesadilla maker

         The local park system near my house.


         The sounds of frogs singing, humming and chirping.

         Seeing a beaver smack it’s tale on the water to warn us he was around, and that we were on his “turf”.

         The multitude of water lilies.

         Trees.  Oh How I love trees.


         Beautiful spring day.

–      Taking the dog on Walks.


         Watching The Belmont Stakes with the family and “Picking out” which horse we wanted to win.

         Having picked the horse Palice Malice because I was familiar with the Jockey Mike Smith, due to the fact that I watched the TV show Jockeys.


         Watching Palice Malice take the lead and win the Belmont.

         Running into an old Cast mate/director I haven’t seen in years.

         Partaking in the consumption of a very tasty pulled pork sandwich smothered in tasty BBQ sauce (which I ended up getting all over myself in the process.)

         Dancing to a Fleetwood Mac cover band with my Best friend and home girls.

         People watching, whom were also totally digging the Fleetwood Mac cover band as well.

         Realizing that I was probably one of the better looking people at this event.  (not to knock anyone, or make it sound like I am arrogant, but it is a realization I rarely have.  If ever.)

         Riding a horrible carny ride with my best friend and laughing non stop over the ridiculousness that is two grown women holding onto for dear life in fear of being flung out of the ride.

         Busting out into fits of giggles and laughter over thinking about the above.

         Sharing my pillow with a dog who has the most softest fuzziest head.  Ever.

         Lounging around for a good hour or so reading in bed.

         Laying in bed with a cat snuggling up into my side, and purring contently.

         Taking a fat nap.  (Even if there were some bouts of sleep paralysis.)

         Driving about Lake county, looking at houses and pretty scenery

         M&M Blizzard.

         Watching some good episodes of Arrested Development.

         Falling asleep to the Directors Cut of Legend.  Never saw it.  Glad they re-worked it.



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