Beacuse I can be. . . .

Its getting close. . .well, not like close close, but close enough to where people (people that I know) are starting to talk their Burning Man bullshit.

Don’t get me wrong.  I would LOVE to go.

But once again, I can’t afford it this year and am being ditched (yet again) by the very same person who swore to me in brotherhood blood and pagan rituals, that we would get there TOGETHER!

Pshh.  Yeah right.  Thanks asshole.

So, I’m feeling a bit salty about BM.  Yet again.

So to make myself feel better, I have been reading articles and what not on why Burning Man SUCKS.

You may be saying, now Kaycee, that is just childish.  And I will say. . .Yes it is.  BUT. . when you’re bitter about being ditched AGAIN. . I feel I am somewhat entitled to be a bit childish.

Like maybe 20%.

Ok, 15%.

Fuck it.

Fuck Burning Man.

Why Burning Man Isn’t Worth It.




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