Fuck You Troll.

Seven years ago, I walked into an office for an interview.  A fabric company was looking for a new customer service person, and I was looking for a more grown up job.  The woman I interviewed with seemed very nice.  Out going, funny, personable….I liked her right away.  It was the strangest interview I’d ever gone on, because she didn’t really ask me anything about what skills I had, or why I felt I’d be a good fit for the position.  I wasn’t asked what my strengths and weaknesses were, In fact I wasn’t asked any of those typical interview questions.  How do I handle stress….What was a problem I resolved at my last place of employment….etc etc.
What we did talk about was how I had worked in a school cafeteria and the food they served. 
That was my interview.
I left feeling a bit puzzled, yet extremely hopeful that I would be hired.
At the time, I NEEDED that job to maintain my sanity after years of working through the politics of the educational system. 
I just didn’t want to “play games” anymore, or jump through hoops to do a job I was hired to do.

It was my saving grace.  A month later I was hired.
The woman who interviewed me…..My crazy bipolar boss.

Or ex boss I should say.

Today she informed me that it would be my last day.  That I was disrespectful.  I didn’t say hello in the morning.

Never mind that this is a woman who, yelled at me for handing her her fax off the fax machine.  Who criticized other employees wardrobes and hairstyles.  A woman who would gallump in and not say a word to anyone.  The very same women who called her employees fucking stupid and idiots when we didn’t live or perform up to her ever changing standards.

On top of her constant emotional swings, there were the customers. I’m not going to sugar coat when I say that Interior Decorators are not the brightest bunch of people. The sheer stupidity of questions and requests that were thrown my way after time wore on me. It baffles me how people, with degrees and college background could be so incredibly clueless.

And they were extremely rude. They acted as though you were beneath them.

I tried to be pleasant. I tried to be courteous, but after a certain point, it all became matter of fact with me.

I don’t believe in kissing ass. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Contrary to that old saying…the customer is NOT always right. People are greedy and shady. They lie. They manipulate to cover their own asses. You can twist it all you want. You can flip it. However, I don’t have time for that. It doesn’t matter to me that I work in customer service. I’ll help you all I can, I’ll be nice….but I won’t be the scapegoat for your fuck up.

And when they had outrageous or biased claims, my boss was the final say. Most of the time we were to tell the people sorry. Its not our problem. The mistake was on your end. There is nothing we can do. Of course we had to sugarcoat some. But We were to hold firm to what we were told and not back down.

Some customers would back down. Some would become more irate. Some would demand to speak to my supervisor, and when she took their calls they got exactly what it was they were trying to scam from us in the 1st place.
My boss’ fuck them attitude turned into her tongue so far up their assholes, and she would give them the moon if that’s what they wanted.

Meantime, because I was told to tell them no, whatever the circumstances, I then became the bad guy.

There were complaints to corporate that I was not easy to “deal” with.

It didn’t matter that I was doing what I was told.

Needless to say I was placed on probation. Corporate came in and handed me the news directly. My boss sat there nodding her head in agreement and further threw me under the bus even more.

Underneath it all, I knew that they were only keeping me around to train my co workers. I knew my shit. I was good. I knew the product.
The new company that came in and took over wasn’t keen on having a satellite office a state away. However, this side of the business was new to them and they needed someone who knew their shit. That was until they could catch up.

And now I’m out.

My boss didn’t help. Business has been slow. Afraid they would shitcan her too, she did everything in her power to make me look like the asshole.

And it worked.

Oh well.

That’s my story.

And now I have to get ready for a job interview that I had in place before I got canned.

Serendipitous? Maybe. We shall see.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. maryhoops
    Aug 09, 2013 @ 20:42:59

    Eep I can very much identify with this kind of a boss, I hope the interview goes well ❤


  2. Jess
    Aug 09, 2013 @ 21:08:21

    I’m so sorry hun. But onward to better! You will find a great job, of that I am confident. Good luck on your interview!


  3. rilschsea
    Aug 09, 2013 @ 21:11:51

    Go get Chinese food and read the fortune……Trolls are so mean!


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