I Have The Touch.

I am a big believer in action, not words. What you do, says a lot more to me than, well, what you say.

People say all kinds of shit. Let’s face it. We lie. The truth is beyond our lips at times. However, it’s harder to manipulate those subtle body cues that can be the dead give aways to our intentions, wants, likes and feelings.
Perfect example. Men. When your gal tells you nothing’s wrong, yet her body is stiff, distant and closed off…well that should be the big give away that she is lying.
Then again it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that when a woman says nothing is wrong that that is really your 1st give away that something is indeed wrong. 😛
But I kid.
Body cues. It’s the biggest indicator of intent.
The simple act of touching is another HUGE indicator of people’s intentions and feelings.
Obviously, when you really like someone, you are constantly touching them. I don’t mean in a pervy way either . . . though, you know, wink wink nudge nudge. . . umm. . what?
Yes. The power of touch. it’s usually a good indicator that the person is into you.
Now as I talk about the above, I am obviously talking about more in regards to a romantic/physical interest.
So why am I yapping about this?
It’s just something that I noticed the other day. Or for quite a while actually. . . but I’ve got some time on my hands, so why not yap about it.
Sure Sure. . . one can repeatedly say. . Yes. . I like you. I am very attracted to you. . . I find you very appealing. . yet when there is that lack of touch, that lack of wanting to touch, it makes me question what you are saying.
That is where my doubt comes.
I’m not saying that one must be pawing at one to prove their true intent.
Again. . . It’s science. It’s proven. It’s not psychological mumbo jumbo. . .It’s an innate human response. Strike that. It’s an innate response in just about every species.
Our emotions and body often betray what it is we are trying to hide. What we don’t want to say. What we don’t want to admit.
And simply put, it’s the truth that we hide from.
The truth of what it is actually the reality of what we truly feel, think and believe.
No one wants to be the bad guy, but I say, it’s better to be brutally honest than to blow smoke up people’s asses.
Brutal honesty I can forgive. Smoke blowing….not so much.
I dunno. Maybe I have been brainwashed by the commercialization of what love and passion is supposed to be. I know that things die down. Yet again, it’s those cues. Those subtle almost unmistakable cues that are the dead give aways. Even when the feelings of content settle in. . there is always the simplicity of touch.

That little reminder.


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