Upon the last new moon, I had decided that this time around, I would burn some intentions in hopes to better my situation and outlook on what was going on in my life at that time.  To gain some insight.

There were two “main” focuses, with very specific details as to what it was I wanted to manifest. 

I also threw in there some self actualizations. . .like better self awareness, acceptance, patience. . . shit like that.  You know. . .For fun.

As you may know (or not know) things were going pretty shitty at my old job.  So I set forth the intention to find a new place of employment.  One where I would feel happy, secure and useful. 

The other main intention that came to my mind that I would really love to see  change in a more positive direction was my personal life.  A relationship I am in.  For it to become more healthy in the way of more open communication, honesty, expression, acceptance, and less insecurity.

As I lit each intention I noticed something.  The “minor” intentions. .  or the self actualizations, did not take to the flame right away or if at all.  I had to keep relighting them so that they would burn all the way to ashes.

My main intentions however, were licked greedily by the flame and gobbled up almost immediately.

I didn’t want to get too overly superstitious, or read too much into any hidden meanings. . .I just noted in my head the difference.  I didn’t want to jinx anything by talking about it prematurely, but I will say that I did feel just a slight twinge of renewed faith that something bigger was listening.  That something could be jiving with my infinite being.  That perhaps a connection was being made with the plan I had laid out for myself before this life began.

The next day I went about my shitty work day.  Toward quitting time I received a call from a place i had applied to, to come in for an interview.

Now I had been submitting my resume left and right for weeks beforehand, and didn’t hear back from a single one.  How canny that the day after I do my burnings, I finally get a call.

hmmmmmmm.  Interesting.

I set up an interview for the Friday of that week towards the end of the day. 

Friday comes, and it turns out that on the day of that interview, was also the last day at my shitty job.

Even more interesting.

Even though I am freaking out and extremely pissed off at the circumstances of how it was i was let go, I go to the interview.

It wasn’t quite what I expected.  He said he would call me mid week of the following week to let me know what his decision would be.

Needless to say, I didn’t hear back from him when he said he would call.  I tried to not freak out about my situation.  I tried to not get angry or bitter over the uncanniness of events that took place. 

I drudged on and applied for more jobs. . .and more jobs.

I got another interview.  I went to it and I felt pretty good about the direction it had gone….The woman seemed to like me.  It was very laid back. 

It also freaked me out some because her demeanor reminded me so much of my old bitch boss when she was having a good day, that I didn’t want to risk working for another whackadoo should I be offered the job.

For two weeks I was out of work.  I was freaking out.  I got depressed.  I had panic attacks.  I stayed in bed unless I absolutely had to get up and go out.

Were it not for the show I am doing, or for my mom. . .well. . .I dunno.  I’d probably would have done something stupid.

One day, I finally got a call back from the guy I 1st interviewed with.  He wanted to offer me the job.  I took it.  Even though it paid $2.75 less than what I was making at my old shithole.  I didn’t want to go another week not working. 

As I hung up the phone, my other line beeped in.  It was the lady from my second interview offering me a job with her company.

Well how do you like that?

Now I had to decide on which job I was going to go with.  Even though I had already told the 1st guy yes, the other job offered more money and better perks and benefits.

The 1st job was right down the street from me. .. the second job was about 30 miles away.

Even though the 1st job seemed serendipitous….the call the day after the new moon. . . the interview on the day I was let go, I  decided to go with the second offer.

More importantly though, I think that all of these is a very good indicator that while the universe and powers that be can indeed guide you along a path. . .it truly is up to you to choose the path.

And I think that’s the lesson from all of this.



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jess
    Aug 30, 2013 @ 11:43:06

    Congrats on the new job! That’s great. More pain and benefits is definitely needed in this day and age. What kind of work will you be doing?


  2. Jess
    Aug 30, 2013 @ 11:43:29

    PAY. haha. Sorry, I’m in pain. Funny how that word sneaks itself into every sentence haha


    • pixiegirlkc52
      Aug 30, 2013 @ 12:23:08

      Haha! Well…its a pain to have to work. 😉 Im doing admin work. It’s ok so far.


      • Jess
        Aug 30, 2013 @ 12:27:22

        That’s good! I hope to land a job in admin when Archer’s in school. Problem is, here you need schooling first lol

      • pixiegirlkc52
        Aug 30, 2013 @ 18:41:50

        I Just watched an episode of wife swap (yes….its a guilty pleasure of mine.) Where the one mom didnt believe in sending her kids to school. The one learned how to read through text messages. People be crazy.

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