The Gig.

So I got that new gig. 
So far it’s ok.  I stay pretty much busy.  The people I work with seem nice enough.

There’s just one problem that isn’t sitting well with me:

No cell phones.
At all.
Anywhere in the building.

The company I work for considers this a HUGE risk as far as people confiscating very private and sensitive information of it’s clients and client’s clients.

I get all this….some people are just chowderheads when it comes to posting shit all over the internets for their and the general public’s amusement, but this also blows.

I feel so incredibly out of touch through out the day.

(There is also a very strict internet policy where you just best not go on it all…..this also pertains to your work email, for everything is monitored.  Even the phones.)

I can’t check in.  I can’t see how people are doing, or ask how they are doing.  I can’t hear about their days as the day goes along.  I can’t be there for anyone who might need emotional support, wise words (cause you know…I’m like full of them.) Comforting words or lend an ear or eyeball to anyone who needs to get some annoyance off their chest.
I can’t be silly.  I can’t spout off the randomness in my head.  I can’t seek information or confirm information.  I can’t flirt.  I can’t let someone know I am thinking of them and how much I miss them.  I can’t tell anyone that I Love them and hope their day is going well.

Everything I want to say at that moment it pops into my head….must wait.

And it kind of sucks, especially because we live in such a instantaneous world where just about everything is accessible at our fingertips.

(Yet at the same time, its kind of annoying.  I mean, look how things were 20 years ago…..I got along just fine then.)

But I digress…..
I am in a little world of separateness, existing in a time before smart phones and instantaneousness was a possibility.

It really shouldn’t be that big a deal.  I mean, you know….people should be more focused on their work.
Despite what my old bitchface boss thought, even with my phone near by, I still got my shit done.  I still remained focused to the task at hand.
It wasn’t like I was just sitting around for hours doing nothing but playing candy crush or enagaging in deep text conversations.
(I mean….that’s a lot of typing on a small keyboard.)

Yet, there was just something comforting to still feel “connected” to a world that exists outside your cubicle.

The whole phone thing also puts me on edge due to situations in my personal life. 
If I’m not “there” or available, there is a chance that someone else will be deemed “acceptable” to pass the time with… to speak.

It’s silly.  I know.  It’s my insecurity.  (Well one that has been built up due to actual instances…but whatever…still an insecurity I hold.  I own it.)
Then again, the chances and the very likely hood that this is occurring makes NO difference if I’m available or not.

Again, that last bit is more of an insecurity and control thing.  I just need to learn I can’t control it….or what people do.  I don’t get why it happens….But I can’t control it.  No matter what I do.

*sigh* Maybe that’s part of the reason the path lead me here… learn to let go.

So there you go.

There are some other things as well about this gig that is taking some adjusting.

There is no where for me to go and hoop on breaks and lunches.

I could go out to the parking lot…but with the mass exodus for a smoke break (and cell phone check) at these times, I don’t really feel all that comfortable with so many prying eyes….and rape stares….and bitch faces from other employees.  (This is a big company)

The commute really sucks.  The distance is just about the same as my last gig, however it’s very traffic laden.  Not to mention, I can never find my way back west on the drive home.  Its as if the city purposefully hid the on ramp of the highway heading west from me.  Whatever gods of direction/traffic/highways that be….they don’t want me to go home at the end of the day.  Though, they have no problems with me heading further east.


This place also has these weird plastic sleeve things that go around the toilet seats.  I guess this “sleeve” is suppose to slide across the seat so that the next butt has a fresh clean barrier to rest it’s cheeks on.
Sounds good in theory, except half the motors on these things don’t work, and only pull the sleeve over about a half an inch.
It makes me wonder if the inventors of this device only had people with small butts in mind or….what.

Its weird.

But its not all no cell phones and weirdo toilet seat covers….
The work is steady….so far…which is good for making the day go by.
And that’s a nice change from my last gig.

I don’t have to deal with dipshit interior decorators.
I can listen to the radio…
Good vacation policy….dental and vision…say what??
And best of all, I rarely if ever see my boss.

I think the whole week and half I’ve been there I’ve seen her for a total of 1 minute. 

I think so far, I dig it.  I think I’ll stay and give it a go.
Even with the poorly though out toilet seat covers.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rgonaut
    Sep 08, 2013 @ 22:11:48

    interesting…i guess you can take a break an leave the building every so often?


    • pixiegirlkc52
      Sep 09, 2013 @ 12:18:43

      Yeah…i get two 15 min breaks and a half hour for lunch. But once winter comes….i dont think I’m gonna want to hang out in my car while checking my messages and such.


  2. rilschsea
    Sep 09, 2013 @ 04:41:42

    Weird……the same thing happened to my favorite person to talk to during the work day……she can’t bring her phone in the building either…. I go through withdrawals…… 🙂


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