Exit Stage Right.

Another show down and notched in my belt.

I’m kind of sad about it.  I put a lot of time and energy into making it my own and being the best possible Gillian I could be. . . and judging from people’s responses, I was a pretty good Gillian.

So Yay!

I really enjoyed this character for some reason. . .I don’t know if it’s because of the whole “witch” aspect. . . or because they made me wear that wig and hot pants. . .(which by the way, and this will probably be the 1st time I ever admit this. . .but I gotta say, my ass looked fantastic in those hotpants!  Tsssssss!)  Or if it was just her whole transformation into being human.

I can’t say that I related with her all that much. . I mean, I do admire her straight forwardness and honesty. . . Keeping it real. . yet at the same time, I don’t think there was much of a silly side to her.  All business and no nonsense.

That was Gillian.

However, Once her feelings for Shep developed, we saw a softening. . . a weakening.  Not in character or morals. . .but one of that wall she had around her to protect her little heart.

I can dig that.  In fact I dig it on a daily basis.

So maybe I can relate to her more that I originally thought.

I now find myself with out anything to occupy my time.  I’m not quite sure what to do with myself.

I mean, I could find another show to do. . . Though i am not sure I want to jump right back into another one.  I kind of like the feeling of riding the closure of this one out.  I mean, I gotta say. . . I just feel really. . . I dunno. . . calm like? 


That’s the word I am looking for.

I REALLY enjoyed the process this time through.  I may have stressed out about learning all my lines, but you know what?  I learned them.  I gave them meaning. . . and made them my own.  I’m not saying I don’t normally do so. . but, I dunno.  This time around, I just feel so appreciative of the process, and thankful that the opportunity came about when it did.

The cast was great. . .I really respected the director and the choices he made in regards to the show, the actual theater was really nice. ….I could bitch about the dumb ass stage manager, but in the end. . . who cares? 

I also received a nice write up in a local paper here, which I was pretty stoked about. 


I have to say that while we didn’t play out to sold out houses, or thunderous applause. . . I am quite proud of the work we did. . . and the growth I’ve made.

I sort of feel like one of those serious “theater actor thespian” people.

ehhh.. almost.



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