Bored with Hooping?

I found this on the Hooppath facebook page today.
I think it’s just what I needed……

1. Sway for one entire song
2. Waist hoop only for one entire song.
3. Shoulder hoop only for one entire song.
4. Hoop in 2nd current only for one entire song.
5. Move your feet for one entire song.
6. Try to dance like you’re not hooping. . . while you’re hooping. . . for one entire song.
7. Make peace with something.

Oh #7. . . you shall be tricksy.

Lately I’ve been having all kinds of feels. . .about my marriage. . . my ex husband’s suicide. . . the role I played in all that. . . the relationships I find myself in now (platonic and romantical.) . . . Blah.
I wish I could just NOT carry that guilt. Even though, I know, somewhere in that mess of feels. . .that it wasn’t my fault he did what he did. . .I still feel incredibly responsible. Narcissistic of me to say, but I feel that our failed marraige and the part I played all factored into his choice somewhere. *sigh*

People . . . don’t kill yourselves. Cause the ones you leave behind will never heal fully.

That’s your public service announcement.

Now go hoop. . . or dance. . .or sing. . or rub your butt. . .whatever.


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