Kevin Breel: Confessions of a depressed comic

Kevin Breel: Confessions of a depressed comic #TED :

I listened to this today and was so moved to tears.  I too, like so many out there, suffer from depression.
It’s such a difficult illness to live with because it IS something that is not taken very serious.  People are constantly telling you, to shake it off….yet you can’t.  It’s always there, no matter how much you shake.  People will tell you, Life isn’t that bad….and instinctively you know it isn’t…yet you always feel that is it.  And maybe the word bad, isn’t the right word……

And yes….you do become numb to it.  It’s crazy.  Sometimes I can’t even wrap my head around how it’s just something that’s….there….like a fixture in a room.

What really caught me about this talk is when he says “My hurt has forced me to have hope.”
And I can sooooo identify with that statement.  Many may see me as pessimistic but in reality, I have nothing BUT hope.  Hope that one day I won’t come across so pessimistic.  😛

But in all seriousness…yes…Hope.  Because sometimes that’s all you have.  That fart stinking hope….that shit will alight itself and you won’t have to just live with it.  That you one day won’t have to fake it…That you will overcome.


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