I’m burlesque-ing again. Like hardcore. Well, hardcore for me, I have already done one show, and have at least another 3 or 4 lined up.

The last performance I did, I just recycled my one number, changed it up a bit and went down to the pasties. . . which I have Never done. (out of respect to the person I was with for the past three years)

But I am not with them, so fuck it right?

The number went great. Much better than the first time I performed it. Someone had commeneted how this time around I just looked more confident and more comfortable. Strangely. . . .I did. Even while scantily clad.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I received a lot of positive feedback on how I was probably the best act out of the whole show. 🙂

My next performance will be at the end of next month and I will need to come up with two numbers. I thought about recycling old numbers again, just polishing them up, but I think I am up for the challenge of coming up with some new stuff.
I have an idea of doing something a little flapperish/1920’s, for one number.
I am thinking this one will be more dancey with maybe not removing so much clothing.
I’ve been researching a lot of dancing from the flapper era, and I have a few ideas in mind. It’s just a matter of pulling them off with a hoop.

The other number I have in mind, and I really hope I can pull it off, will be more technical, as I hope to incorporate the poi into the hoop routine. Maybe some double hoop action if I can get my hands on two hoops the same size. I tried this once before, but the hoops were different sizes annnnd it didn’t go so well.
Not only that, but I have in the works some LED surprises as far as my costume is concerned.

Feeling quite ambitious about all this. Gotta say. Feels kinda nice. Considering.


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