What I Did This Past Weekend.

-Hibachi Hijinks and lots of saki.
-Laughing and connecting with my flow family.
-Celebrating the birthday of my dearest kindred soul.
– Rocking the red dress.
-Dancing to the Oldies.
– Sneaking in some time with the Riddum.
– Feeling a bit like my old sassy self.
–  Margaritas and Chicken quesadilla at one of my fav local spots with a cute boy and my bestest girlfriend.
– Feeling warm and cozy on the couch watching episodes of Seinfeld and feeling content with the moment.
– Missing what was, even though I know it’s probably for the best. 
-Slowly coming to a place of acceptance….even if I am still dragging my heels, and still hold out for hope.
– Breakfast in bed.
– Serenades of “Love Shack” melancholy style.
– Bowl of skittles.
_ Being Lost in thought while savoring bowl of skittles and looking out the window at the trees.
– Laying in bed cozy and warm with the cat.
– Finding a cute white crocheted dress….80% off!


– Laughed at the awesome ridiculousness that is my brother’s friend, who was able to sneak into a sold out show.
– Seeing The Sword in concert.



– Moshed around with my brother and a room full of big sweaty bearded men.
– Walking past Pizza….seeing the sad look on brother’s friend’s face, and walking right back to Pizza. 

Repeat after me….Life IS good.  You ARE doing alright.  This is where you NEED to be.



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