Learn The Map- Weekend Re-Cap

– Rocked sweet purple zig zag dress with the scoop back.

– Held my cool. 

-Witnessed the genius that are the Reformed Whores.  (Seriously so good, it makes me cry from laughing so hard)


– Witnessed the genius that is Les Claypool as I got to see him during his Duo De Twang Tour.  (Seriously, probably the best Claypool I’ve seen.)

– Took Friday afternoon off from work.

– Went to Detroit.

-Watched the country side roll by.

-Got stuck in traffic.

– Ate “grown-up” chicken fingers and French fries.

– Watched the Documentary “Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton” (Which I highly recommend.)




– Got hip to Stones Throw Record Label, and how much good shit is on there.

– Learned that I am not the only one to know of Fantastic Planet. (I mean, duh, of course, but it’s always surprising to run into or learn of others who were also deeply affected by this film.)


– Attended the Our Vinyl  Weighs a Ton after party

– Watched and danced as Jay Rock mixed up a killer rendition of George Krantz’s Din Da Da.

– Fell in love with awkward white people dancing off beat, pop lockin’, hair slicking and booty dropping.

– Watched dance battles.  That shit is real.

– Danced and bounced my white awkward big booty off.

-Sat on the edge of the stage during Peanutbutter Wolf as he V-jayed some slick shit.

– Regretted not hanging out and talking with awkward white people dancing off beat, pop lockin’, hair slicking and booty dropping.

– Made up stories about awkward white people dancing off beat, pop lockin’, hair slicking and booty dropping.

-Slept hard.

-Saw the sights of where a friend grew up.

– Ate some pizza.

– Watched the countryside roll by.

– Listened to regaling of stories, and fell in love with the awesomeness that are the people that I know.

– Slept hard

– Watched Shakes the Clown.

– Ate more Pizza.

– Missed someone, a life I once had, and a furry friend.

–  Slow danced in the kitchen (again. . cause why not?)

– Attempted to sing The Metro by Berlin all the while laughing over the ridiculousness of a sheet over one’s head and facing away from me while playing the chords on the guitar so as not to make me feel any more of a jack ass than I already did.

– Flashbacked to moments

– Fell in love with this song.


– “Outlined” a hoop/burlesque number for an upcoming show.

– Came to the realization, that even though this part of the path I am on now feels alien and at times just not “right”, it is the path I am on.  So just walk it.  It’s like coming onto a new board in a video game and learning the maps.   Learn the map.  Save the princess.  Save you.


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