The Liquid show came and went and I have to say that this time, It was probably the best I have performed…..ever.

There were some snags, but I kept on.

The floor was super slippery.  The spot light was blinding me.  I missed a few minor points in the 1st number, but nailed the moves that coincided with the music. 

My numbers were very well received by the audience. 
I mean, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I received a lot of nice compliments.

I was hoping to include some video for this post, but all the videos are on FB and I can’t figure out a way to share them elsewhere.  Oh well.

The 1st number was very flapperish, and very choreographed.  I timed in a chest roll right when there was a brief break in the music which looked real nice, and my costume was cute to boot.

The 2nd number was me double hooping, then hooping and spinning poi, then stripping down to the brightest LED pasties one could concoct while hooping and spinning poi.  It was incredibly fun, and the one number I just sort of “went” with…..meaning I had parts mapped out, but left a lot of room for things to happen.  Should they happen.  (Like dropping the second hoop, or smacking my face with a poi).  Everytime I would rehearse this number, something always would happen.  Performance time though, things went off with out a hitch.

So yeah!

I have another show coming up on the 26th, where I will only have to do one number and then in May it’s off to Toledo and Detroit.

Pretty exciting.

I did notice there are some things I need to work on, such as better posture (god my posture is horrid) and I noticed I reverted to tyrannosaurus rex arms  during certain points.  So things to keep in mind, but all in all I’m quite proud of what I pulled off. 

So yeah! 


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