Birthday Month Recap.

Boy oh boy!  Things have just been busy busy busy….moving moving moving!

I had two posts now sitting in draft status from a few weeks ago and just haven’t had the time to see them to fruition.   Not only that but they just don’t seem relative as they were from a few weeks ago, and a bit long winded.
So Here’s a quick recap.

May came and went like a flash.  It was my birthday month…yes…month…as I took as many dates as possible to spend with as many of my loves ones that I could.  Getting everyone together for one big hooray was like herding cats.  Schedules and what not.  So each weekend was spent with as many people as I could fit in.  After all, that’s all I really wanted.

I got to spend a weekend away in a cabin, while also celebrating some other friend’s birthdays.  I got to hot tub and eat like it was gluttonfest 2014.  I hiked old familiar places and made new memories (or layering the past as I like to call it.) 



I got to do my mini burlesque tour and had the opportunity to perform in different cities.  My performances were met well and the crowds seemed to dig what I did.


I met new friends and incredibly awesome people.  I had the opportunity to be invited to hang out with an up and coming burlesque troupe and shown around their practice/performance space which used to be an old nunnery.  (Which REALLY tickled the urban explorer in me.)


I laughed a lot and absolutely loved every minute of hanging out and traveling with my group.  I can’t tell you how worried I was that personalities would clash or people not being on the same page about things.  Not the case.

I also got to attend a day of MOVEMENT, which is like the kick off to DEMF in Detroit.  It’s a pretty big electronic music festival, where I got to listen to the sounds of Green Velvet, DJ Marky and Ed Rush & Optical.  (I’m a DnB gal at heart.)


All that was followed by a boat ride,  a ride out to bald eagle nesting spot, and a day of swimming and walking around a historical naturey spot.

My actual birthday was in there too.  It was the Sunday I came back from my burlesque tour and pretty much the big reason why I had to split everything up, but I was still able to have a small gathering at the local watering hole.  It was just an evening of playing guilty pleasures on the juke box and again laughing.

It was an incredibly excellent month.  I am so grateful for all of the friends and loved ones I was able to connect and spend time with.   I am so thankful for the experiences and adventures.  The generosity.  My heart is so full and everyday I am just washed with the knowing and appreciation of how truly blessed I am to have the people in my life. 

So there you have it. 
The short version.  😛