Duck Memory

The other night I was working on shoulder duck outs.

It’s been a process of trying to get this move down for the past four years.

I should also point out that I just work on it here and there when it behooves me, so there is no real dedication or discipline in mastering said trick.

I lack discipline.  In soooo many ways.  😉

I was getting the hoop to go across the base of my neck on the right side, and then shoving my left shoulder up while leaning over to the right some.

It wasn’t pretty…. But for the sake of trying to get a feel for what the hoop feels like rotating about my shoulder, I felt that holding this Quasimodo stance was the closest I had come to even successfully landing a good shoulder duck out.

I probably nailed the move a good six out of ten tries.  Few times more graceful than the rest…. But it was a start nonetheless.

The next day however, as I attempted to recreate what I had the night before, I just couldn’t seem to pull off even a shaky execution.  The hoop was just flying off over my head each time I ducked out.  I over exaggerated my quasi stance, and still could not land a duck out.

This seems to be the running thing with my body where my muscle memory just shuts down.  It’s as if my cells have Alzheimer’s or something. 
There are times when it comes to the simplest moves and my body is like “huh?  What??!!??.”

Remember how I “thought” I got down pulling my leg out for one leg hooping and then recovering the hoop by hooking it on my ankle to throw it back on my waist?  Yeah…. Well I can barely do that anymore.

My body just gets all duh on me.

That or its my head that gets all duh on me. 

Either way, one day I’ll get this shit down.  It might take another four years, but dag nab it….I will do it.

That’s all I got.  The end.

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